Spotlight Review By Tanvi Pucha


487 pages



Beatrice Prior lives in a future version of Chicago where there are five different factions. Each faction thinks they are best: Dauntless think bravery is keen, Erudite loves knowledge, Abnegation is selfless, Amity is all about friendship, and Candor is always telling the truth. Beatrice grew up in an Abnegation family. All 16 year olds must take a test to find out which faction they should choose, but Beatrice’s results turn inconclusive in other words she is DIVERGENT. When she turns 16, she decides to join Dauntless where she meets her trainer Four and she changes her name to Tris. Joining Dauntless isn’t the best option for Tris, especially since Dauntless and Erudite are against the Divergent. Are the Divergent the only ones in trouble? Find out in this amazing trilogy where “The one choice can transform you"


Like Tris we all have many fears. I for one can connect to her in that way because we both have faced some of our fears. During stage 1 of Dauntless training, Tris saves her friend and has knifes thrown at her. When some people where being mean to my friend I helped her. Tris also over came her fears and took risks with her friends. When ever my friend learns something new in gymnastics she tries teaching me. I am always afraid that I am going to break something, but now i forget about my fear and just try it. Tris is facing her fears to save the divergent people and anyone else in danger. Some day I want to help people something like how Tris does in this amazing trilogy.