A Tour Through Asia

The Best Places To Visit


Cost for tour bus for 37-41 people: $144.77

Las Vegas to Tokyo : about $1,315

Hotel room price in Tokyo: $123

Tokyo Tower admission: $13.88

Tokyo to Bangkok: about $596

Hotel room price in Bangkok: $277

Wat Pho temple admission: $3.07

Wat Phra Kaew admssion: $7.67

Bangkok to Manila: about $333

Hotel room price in Manila: $125

Manila to Vientiane: about $634

Hotel room price in Vientiane: $102

Royal Palace, Luang Prabang admission: about $4.00

Total cost: $3,678.39

Profit: $735.67

Final cost: $4,414.06

The Tour Bus & Airplane

The tour bus is a bus that will take you from site to site while you are in a country. To go from country to country, the airplane will fly you there.

Places the Tour Bus & Plane Takes You To:


Language: JapaneseCurrency: YenNeeded travel documents: Japanese passports, Health and Visa travel documentsLocal customs: In most homes and schools shoes are not allowed to be worn.


Language: Thai

Currency: Thai baht

Needed travel documents: Tourist visa, business visa, and diplomatic visa

Local customs: When meeting someone, you typically wai, meaning to press your palms together at nose level and slightly bow your head.


Language: Filipino, and English

Currency: Philippine peso

Needed travel documents: Philippines passport, Health and Visa documents

Local customs: Gambling is very popular in the Philippines and every town in the Philippines has a lottery office.


Language: Lao

Currency: Lao kip

Needed travel documents: Laos passport, Yellow Fever vaccinations, Diplomatic Visa, Health and Visa documents

Local customs: Laos' religious culture has monks, while talking to a monk, your head must be lower than theirs. It is also disrespectful to touch a monk's robe.