January 11, 2016 Teacher Training

Learning Goals

Teachers Can:

1. Name student expectations and best practices for using Dreambox

2. Examine and navigate the new Insights dashboard

3. Explore various report types and features of the Insight dashboard

Success Criteria - To help direct your learning

I know I got it when...

1. I know the number of lessons my students should complete in a week

2. I know the amount of time my students should be using Dreambox in the classroom

3. I know how to find and use Dreambox data (ex. time on task, lessons completed, etc.)

4. I know where to find support and PD on demand


Routines for students

1. Always finish open lessons

2. Use the Help or Hint button as needed

3. Use the online manipulatives (not paper and pencil)

4. Work independently

Setting Goals with the Students

  • Students should be completing 5-8 lessons per week on Dreambox
  • Allow for 60 minutes a week
  • Track weekly usage and celebrate your "Player of the Week"


Grades K-2 1 lesson takes about 10 min

Grades 3-5 1 lesson takes about 15 min


Lesson completion per week:

K-2 students 6 lessons a week

Gr 3-5 students 4 lessons a week

"The only way to show growth is by completing new lessons."

Dreambox Support

Did you know BCPS has it's own Dreambox support page?


Password: BCPS

Professional Development OnDemand


Username: dblteacher

Password: dblteacher