MB's Multi 1-2 Classroom News

Edition 8...THE OCHO!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Welcome 2018!!!!

First of all it was so great to see so many of you at our Family Breakfast Buffet and Traditional Gift Giving Event at the beginning of December. Thanks for all the help with the food supplies. We were thinking of those of you who were unable to make it in, and we hope your centerpieces arrived home safely! Many thanks for all the Christmas and New Year's well wishes, the hugs, smiles, and handshakes, the lovely cards, yummy baked goods, beautiful and clever gifts, and the generous donations and gift cards. All of your thoughtful words, gestures, and gifts are very much appreciated and treasured! Many thanks also for all of the hard working and happy students which I have the pleasure of teaching and learning with each day. I am one lucky lady!!!!

Story Retelling and Literary Elements 2

The students listened to and discussed the book Let it Snow featuring two awesome characters, the pigs Toot and Puddles. As a class we discussed and listed the literary elements for the story. Each student received a copy of the book and a retelling story hand. They were partnered up and practiced retelling the story being sure to include the literary elements of characters, setting, and some new ones: problem, events, and resolution or solution.
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During the two days we were back to school this year hahaha, we took an inventory of the reading strategies we have worked on and have been building stamina for during our daily Read to Self times. We have an AWESOME 17 strategies posted to our CAFE (comprehension-accuracy-fluency-expand vocabulary) menu, to use when we are reading. Before the holiday break, last week and this upcoming week, students met or will meet with MB to award another good fit book with a golden sticker, show off the readers they have become, and discuss and be assigned to a reading strategy small group. Looks like Mother Nature is going to cooperate, so all the groups should have time to meet with MB this upcoming week, and learn more about their selected reading strategy, and then go ahead and practice the strategy while reading to self, always geared toward the goal of becoming an even better reader! Second graders designed and posted new strategy cards of: Blend and stretch out letter sounds, and Use Beginning and ending sounds which are under the Accuracy heading and Recognize Literary Elements 2: problem events and resolution which is under the comprehension heading.


What fun we all had working together to create elf traps! After reading the book "How to Catch and Elf" as a class, each student received their own copy of the book!!! They then met in randomly assigned groups and discussed, designed, and created an elf trap using 20$ of team determined and selected materials. Even though the traps did not catch an elf, the elf did leave us a note and some Hershey kisses for each team. Better Luck Next Time Young Engineers and Mathematicians!

January will Be a Busy Month!

So welcome 2018!!! January will be one busy month. Soon the students be will working through a bunch of assessments with myself and Mrs. Langelier. We will use those assessment results and our many observations and notes to fill out each student's report card. The report cards will be arriving home via your student on January 26th.

In writing workshop students will be learning how to use or reviewing how to use an editing kit. They will be choosing one piece of writing to publish into a book. Hopefully they will be taking these books home with their report cards, if not, definitely before February vacation. The students recently organized their writing notebooks, and will be taking home their writing samples through January, to make room for the writing they will create through June. Also during writing workshop we will be doing a mini author and illustrator study of Mo Willems. We will be focusing on his character the Pigeon. Students will be writing a persuasive letter to Mo about their thoughts for the next Pigeon book!!! They will also be updating the Author's Strategy Bingo Board with some Mo Willems' inspired strategy ideas.

During word study students have completed (or will if the weather cooperates) WORD STUDY 4 stations focusing on adjectives. We will be working on verbs, antonyms, synonyms and homophones next. We have also completed a study of closed syllables and are zeroing in on vowel consonant silent e syllables. We continue to discuss and work with all 6 types of syllables.

Mrs. Langelier continues to challenge everyone's thinking and build math brain power during grade level math time and Multi 1-2 math workshops. Students are lucky to have the chance to meet with her in small group settings to work on the math skills which make the most sense for each individual.

Any ?s Don't hesitate to contact me!

That is it for now. I will be updating each student's See Saw on line journal this week with photos and video from our latest STWEAM day: Why is Winter so Cold? and Why is Snow White? We experimented and produced two different types of snowflakes! I will also add some Word Study photos to each student's See Saw learning portfolio.

I am hoping to have the time to update our classroom website with some Daily 5 photos and pictures of one of our reading responses to the book by local author and illustrator Matt Tavares, "Red and Lulu".

I said it was going to be a busy month and I meant it! HA! I hope to also send out a volunteer sign up for January through February. Volunteer times are Monday Tuesday Thursday and Friday from 8:50-9:45 for Daily 5 CAFE lIteracy Workshop, or Wednesday from 9:40-10:40 for STWEAM. If you would like to volunteer this week before the sign up is made, please contact me. Also if there is a time you are able to volunteer and it is not listed, please let me know, and I am sure we can work something out!

I will send an email letting everyone know when the above mentioned happens this week.