Brian's Winter

By: Gary Paulsen - Whitney Thomason


The genre of Brian's Winter is RF (realistic fiction). It is RF because the events are on random days and time periods. Also because what Brian is going through could happen to anybody.


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The cat eluded me when I tried to catch it.

This puzzle is intricate.

This plane is very immense.

Character Traits!

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Plot Elements!

Exposition- Brian is stranded in the Canadian wilderness about to face one of it's winters.

Rising Action- Brian wakes up freezing cold and looks outside to see snow and that winter has come, with him unprepared.

Climax- When the harsh winter coops Brian up in his shelter he starts to run out of food and needs to go and hunt, he faces off with a moose and kills it with a near death experience.

Falling Action- Brian meets a man and his family and he invites him in to stay.

Resolution- He gets on the man's supplies plane and leaves.


Brian wanted to go home and get out of the Canadian wilderness but he was stranded were there was little to no human contact, after a long hard winter he found a man and his cabin. He then got on to the man's supplies plane and left.

Personal Connection!

My personal connection with Brian is loving winter and the snow because in the book when he comes out of his shelter and sees the snow he thinks it is amazing and I think the same thing when I see snow. Especially since we don't get it that much in Texas.

Nonfiction Reaserch!

The weather in Northern Ontario can be extreme enough that it's deadly, there are 40-30 deaths a year due to the cold. When a snowstorm comes it will go on for days, then it leaves snow that can only be measured in feet. The max temperature in winter only gets up to a negative 9 degrees Celsius. You need to dress heavily with lots of fur but as soon as you start sweating you need to take off some layers so you don't get frostbite.
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Gary Paulson as an Author!

Gary Paulsen is a famous author that has his own creative way of writing . He likes to write with lots of detail on what the character is thinking and feeling. He also writes with lots of action in his books. The reason I think he writes like this is because he had tough childhood. That is some info about Gary Paulsen and his writing.

Character Comparison!

Book #1: Woods Runner Book #2: Brian's Winter

My focus on this comparison is Brian and Samuel

They are alike because Brian started to like being in the woods and became quite fond of it and Samuel likes the woods too because he feels free and comfortable in there. They are not alike because Brian gave up and thought he would never get back to his parents after waiting continuously, while Samuel was looking far and wide putting himself in danger to find his parents

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Thanks for Reading!

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