Springfield Public Schools

Human Resources Department- Aug. 15, 2018

Welcome Back!

Thank you for being committed to serving the SPS community! The first HR newsletter for the 2018-2019 school year will focus on attendance and attendance reporting. Consistent contact with students and coworkers is necessary for an optimal learning environment and an effective working environment. Therefore, consistent attendance is an essential duty of any employee's position. Review Board Policy GBCBC

Life happens and there will be times when absences are unavoidable. Below are some helpful guidelines/reminders.

  • All absences (scheduled work day, in accordance to work calendars) must be recorded in Frontline. Work Calendars can be located on the HR website- https://www.sps.org/Page/2408
  • Employees who are authorized to obtain a substitute in their absence shall do so as far in advance as possible through the process established by the district.
  • Short Term Leaves (ex: one day absences)- Board Policy GCBDA - for Professional Staff; Board Policy GDBDA - for Support Staff. These include definitions for absence coding.
  • Long Term Leaves- Board Policy GCBDB - for Professional Staff; Board Policy GDBDB- for Support staff.
  • Follow up with your building principal or direct supervisor for absence communication expectations.

  • Sick Days/Leave Balances- Employee Self Service/MUNIS (ESS)- accruals (leave balances) are not “real time”- they are reflective of the previous pay cycle. Call Benefits for inquiries.

Please review Board policies and the Employee Handbook (located in Employee Self Service & in Safe Schools) for all attendance policies, procedures and guidelines.

Reporting Absences/Requesting a Substitute from Penmac

Springfield Public Schools employees should report absences using Frontline Education Absence Management System. Below are links to information for current employees about reporting absences and requesting substitutes when needed. Note: New employees and those who have changed building location/job titles, need to contact their Penmac Zone Coordinator directly to report an absence/requesting a substitute until the end of September. This will ensure that Penmac will be able to enter the absence on their end to reflect the correct job title/building location. This will also ensure accuracy for Penmac subs accepting jobs as well as to ensure the substitute is paid appropriately.

What can I code as Personal Illness or Family Illness (Sick Days)?

Personal Illness: Illness, injury or incapacity of the employee.

Family Illness: Illness, injury or incapacity of a member of the immediate

family. The Board defines "immediate family" to include: The employee's spouse,

child, parent or any person for whom the employee is legally responsible. Note: "Family" for FMLA purposes is more limited.

*Pregnancy, childbirth and adoption leave in accordance with this policy.


The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA) is a federal law designed to help you preserve your job and benefits when you need time off from work to take care of a new child or deal with serious health situations involving your family or yourself. FMLA can help you be confident of your decisions as you balance family needs with your work schedule. If you qualify, you can take time off to attend to such critical life events without losing your employment and health insurance coverage.

HR Website- FMLA & LOA- https://www.sps.org//site/default.aspx?PageID=2420

  • To request FMLA paperwork, email: humanresources@spsmail.org
  • Once returned, Benefits will review paperwork and follow up with employee
  • Benefits Representatives: Heather Gardner (Employees with Last Name A-K) or Cindy Dean (Employees with Last Name L-Z).
  • Questions? 417-523-4647 (HR Services) or email: benefits@spsmail.org
  • Absences should be coded as Personal Illness or Family Illness (in accordance with Board policies definitions) and will be recoded to FMLA by the Benefits team for absences that qualify for FMLA.

Other Friendly Reminders: Valid Teaching/Administrator Certificate Reminders & Advanced Degrees

Staff members working in positions which require a Missouri teaching certificate are responsible for having an active certification in the appropriate content area in order to be hired for or continue to be employed by the District. Teachers with expiring certificates are required to contact the Department of Secondary Education (DESE) or HR for information regarding the appropriate process for renewal or application of teaching certifications.

  • DESE Certification Information
  • Be Proactive! Individuals can review when his/her certificate expires here! (Select Springfield Public Schools, Type in your name, social security number, etc.).
  • If you have recently received a teaching certificate, and are in a position that does not require a teaching certification, you will be required to change from the PEERS retirement system to the PSRS retirement system. This change will be necessary from the date the certification is attained. Contact HR to update your certification information.
  • If you have attained (not previously held) a Master's degree; Master's Plus 30; Specialist's degree or a 2nd Master's degree (comprised of at least 30 hours); or a Doctorate degree, submit all appropriate documentation (official transcripts) to our HR Analysts (Beth Kirkpatrick- Classified/Non-Exempt or Chelsea Thompson- Certified positions) for a step on the salary schedule by one of the two designated times for a step increase- transcripts must be received by Sept. 15 or Jan. 15.