I was born in Austin, Texas on May 24, 1963. My parents are Lonnie and Betty Griffin, and I have 4 siblings. I lived in Austin until I was three. My father's company transferred him to San Antonio Texas, and I lived there until I was 5. My dad was transferred again to Kansas City, Missouri. I lived there from 6-16. It was difficult to move back to Texas when I was a junior in high school. I graduated from St. Agnes Academy Houston, Texas in May of 1981. I was a tomboy growing up. I loved to play outside and in high school I was on the diving and track team. It was only a 2A school, but I still won the mile run when I was a junior. I was all set to attend the University of Texas, but at the last minute, I ended up going to Texas Tech in Lubbock. I graduated in 1985 with a Bachelor of Business in finance. I had a wonderful childhood with supportive parents and many opportunities. I was a real "people person" from day one.


I have been married for 30 years to Chris Akin. We got married in Conroe, Texas in 1986. I had 3 children in the 80s and 90s. My grandson, Dylan, was born in 2007. I sold real estate as my first job out of college. I felt I was a little young and inexperienced, so I moved on to the medical field. I worked at Sadler Clinic until my husband was transferred to Galveston, Texas in 1987. I went to work for a eye clinic as a surgery counselor. I worked with senior citizens getting them ready for cataract surgery. I actually held the patients' hands during the surgery. I started a senior citizen work out program and found my calling. I decided at this point to go back to school to get my teaching certificate. Working with children is almost like working with seniors. You need a lot of patience and need to be ready for listening to a lot of stories.


*Kanakuk Kamps: I was a camper at this Christian athletic camp for 9 years, and I was a counselor for one. The experiences I had at this camp I feel have given me my upbeat attitude.

*Private schools: I attended private schools from kinder through 12th grade. I had a very formal education and this help me continue with my education.

*Death of mother: My mother was in an accident when I was 21. This really made me grow up and appreciate life a little more.

*Teacher certificate: I went back to school for 2 1/2 more years to get my teaching certificate. It was a rough time financially for my new family, but it paid off in the end. I estimate I have taught over 2300 students in the last 20 years!

*Marriage, children, grandchild, soccer mom: Obviously getting married, have children and a grandchild have shaped my life. Being a "soccer mom" gave me wonderful memories with my family from swim team, baseball, Sunday school, and, of course, soccer!

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