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Miss Anderson's Weekly Scoop

June 1-5, 2015

Don't Forget...

June 2nd ~
  • Volunteer Tea @ 8:45-11:00
June 3rd ~
  • Band, Chorus, & Orchestra Concert @ 7:00 PM
June 4th ~
  • Unit #12 Math Test
June 5th ~
  • 4th Grade Spirit Day - Choose Your Spirit for $1.00 for Make-a-Wish
  • 20 Book Challenge Bookmarks Due!
  • Off Site Evacuation Drill
  • Watery Earth Quiz (Lessons 8-9) - Open Note/Book
June 9th ~
  • Talent Show Dress Rehearsal - 3:30-5:30 PM
June 11th ~
  • Talent Show @ 7:00 PM
June 15th ~
  • Move-Up Day - Students meet their teachers for the 2015-2016 school year!
June 17th ~
  • End of Year Party @ 2:00-3:00 PM
June 18th ~
  • Last Day of School - Early Dismissal

Thank you Roxy Readers, Mrs. Zeitz, & Hope for helping us be better readers this year!

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Domino's Pizza Day - June 8th

The Dining Room will have its final Domino’s Pizza Day on Monday, June 8th. Pepperoni and Plain are being offered again and the students can purchase more than one slice. It’s considered a “regular” lunch, so the price is the same for the meal ($2.55) and any additional slices are $1.75. I will be taking a "count" this week to let the Dining Room ladies know how many slices students plan on purchasing, so please check with your son/daughter about buying pizza on June 8th!

End of Year Party - HELP WANTED!

It’s almost that time of the year again… PARTY TIME! Our class is in need of end of year party volunteers to plan, coordinate, and organize our last party of the year for Wednesday, June 17th. In order to provide sufficient time to plan, please sign up ASAP if you are willing to volunteer by using the link below!

Thanks so much!

Please click here for the list of party volunteers.

A few quick things about this week...

Flash Drives Needed...

If your child would like to save items from his/her "I Drive" at school within the next few weeks, please send in a memory stick for them to save it on. All items on their "I Drive" will be deleted over the summer! Thank you!


We will be continuing our final unit of LEAD 21 this week as we focus on setting goals. This week we will be working on an inquiry project related to setting goals, challenges faced, and how it feels to achieve your goals.

We are going to be in need of EMPTY CEREAL BOXES for a project we will be doing in class next week. Please send in any EMPTY CEREAL BOXES you have with your child!

Thanks so much!


Students will be reviewing grammar concepts from throughout the year and completing an end of year grammar assessment on Tuesday. We will also be applying our knowledge of fiction writing to a new story based on a "Roll a Story" activity. Be sure to ask your student about their "Roll a Story" on Thursday or Friday! They should be interesting!

Students should be writing at home 2+ times per week in their Writer's Notebooks. All "at home" entries should be dated and marked with an (H) to clearly identify an "at home" entry. Remember... the more they write, the better writers they will become!


We will be wrapping up our final unit of Everyday Math on Thursday with our Unit #12 test. We will also be reviewing the rules of "24" in preparation for our very own class tournament of "Math Madness," so I hope everyone has been practicing their facts!

Science ~ Watery Earth

This week we return to science as we learn about the water cycle and water treatment plants. Students will have an open-book/note quiz on Friday!

We are... a PEANUT & TREE NUT safe classroom!

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