Shooting Stars Weekly Newsletter

*How Our Team is Rocking!*


We have ONE MORE DAY IN MARCH to achieve our GOALS!!! The hours will pass for all of us, how will you make them extraordinary?? Will you share the style on the go? Will you be bold and hand a mini lookbook to the lady admiring your bag tomorrow? Will you reach out to your TOP 10 Customers and offer personal service? Will you reach out to 10 ladies on your WDYK list and offer 2 dates for an April trunk show?? Will you PROMOTE!!?? WHAT WILL YOU DO TOMORROW THAT IS EXTRAORDINARY???

H O O P L A 2015 ! ! !

Registration is OPEN and I am so excited to announce an AWESOME INCENTIVE on April 1st for OUR TEAM!! Hoopla is our Yearly Fashion Show and bonding, TONS of training specific to your goals, and...this year it is back in Vegas!! Register by tomorrow and you earn an EXTRA 1,000 Glam Getaway points.

We can find you a roommate so the hotel cost is minimal...last year we split a room four ways and I think it was $70 TOTAL!!

C O N G R A T S on Earning Your Summer Sample Coupon!!

By selling $2,000+ every quarter you are entitled to $500 worth of Samples for $99 during the next Sample Release...April will be the Summer Release, these Stylists have already earned their coupon:

Dessa Volitich

Emily Righter

Rashmi Ray

Lindsay Mulshine

Nichole Davis

Jen Dombrowski

Christine McGregor

Caitlin Brown

Tina Nerelli

Get your name on that list by getting your sales over $2,000 for the quarter by March 31st!! These Stylists are less than $1,000 away, YOU HAVE ONE MORE DAY TO MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!

Kelly Pompeo

Marnie Lengle

Angela Burr

NEW Summer Collection Webinar TOMORROW @9pm

Check your email TOMORROW EVENING around will receive the Summer Collection Webinar from Home Office to watch at your leisure! Use your excitement tomorrow to book a few more trunk shows for April...EVERYONE wants to think warm and they are ready to get out with their friends!!!

Congratulations to Angela Burr & Jen Dombrowski for hitting their Quickstart Bonus!

They both sold OVER $1000 in their first 30 days and have earned an EXTRA $200 to shop the new collection woohoo!!!!

These Stylists ROCKED March!!

Earning 30% Comission in March:

Lindsay Mulshine, $4400+ so far!

Jen Dombrowski, $3900+ so far!! HER FIRST MONTH!

Christine McGregor, $3400+ so far!

Over $1,000 for March:

Nichole Davis, $1700+

Dess Volitich, $1500+

Tina Nerelli, $1300+

Angela Burr, $1000+

Emily Righter, $1000+

Qualified for March:

Marnie Lengle

Colette Pastore

Rashmi Ray

Caitlin Brown

Join Us At a Local Meeting on Monday, April 13th

Monday, Dave & Busters in Plymouth Meeting, PA 7:00-9:00pm

(New Stylist Training from 6:00-7:00pm)

(Meet Stella & Dot for interested ladies, 6:30-7:00)

NOT LOCAL, take action...go on the EVENTS page in the Lounge and find the closest meeting to Y O U :)

How Would an EXTRA $250, $500 or $1,000 Help You This Month?

As Stylists we earn an average of $250/trunk show...decide what you would like to add to your monthly income and plan your trunk show schedule accordingly! Remember, you are not asking ladies to give you their kidney...just have a fun 2 hours with their friends and family! Just Ask! :)

$500+ = Qualified for the Month

$2300+ = 30% commission for the Month

$5000+ = 32% commission for the Month + $100 in product credits

$10,000+ = 35% commission for the Month + $200 in product credits