The MKS Vanguard

Leaders in Learning. Demonstrating Excellence.

Welcome to The Vanguard!

Welcome to the 2016-2017 School year! This will be a year of compliments. Prepare for individualized learning complimented by group support and mentorship, self-driven research with public presentations to groups, learning about yourself while learning about your team, igniting The Vanguard Team while complimenting the MKS school community as a whole. We are off; get ready to push yourself and be a part of something bigger, all at the same time. Lead your learning. Demonstrate excellence!

Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome. -Arthur Ashe

Cognitive Skills or Content Knowledge?

As our students enter a world that requires them to be resilient, self-motivated, creative and collaborative, are they prepared? Do we prepare them to not only have information at the ready, but also think? The Vanguard pilot initiative is a place to ensure that students have the content knowledge but more importantly, a time for students to develop the cognitive skills to demonstrate their learning effectively.

It is evident that not all learners work in a traditional classroom. The Vanguard's approach to individualized education will allow students to develop these cognitive skills through multiple project based learning activities in every subject. As students problem solve, research and present findings, cognitive skills are developed that will carry our students though life. Our students will learn to read critically, question information they see, problem solve and apply new learning to real life situations.

Through the mentor process, our students will receive essential support. In weekly 1:1 mentor sessions, students will gain life skills needed to become resilient, critical thinkers. Instructors will use the cognitive skills rubric to guide and give feedback on student progress. As we focus on the journey, and not just the destination, we welcome you to come along and we jump into the start of a great year.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The MKS Vanguard?

Vanguard is a modern researched-based approach to learning. Curriculum is personalized, self-paced and self-directed. Learning in Vanguard is interdisciplinary and integrated, not segmented into unrelated subject matter classes. With a focus on how to learn and how to show and use learning in the real world, Vanguard classes prepare students to succeed in high school, college or trade school, and life after formal education.

How does grading work?

Because the Vanguard focuses heavily on how to learn and uses material over simple rote content knowledge, the grading scale is 80% cognitive skills and 20% content knowledge. This is different than the traditional content -based grading, and is one of the important features of Vanguard.

Will my student learn enough about the core subjects to succeed in High School?

Although the Vanguard grading scale is 80% cognitive skills and 20% content knowledge, MKS Vanguard scholars are taught 100% of the state content standards. Moreover, because the curriculum is personalized, scholars may move ahead to advanced skills as soon as they are ready.

Do we have to have a computer at home?

It is the commitment of MKS to support Vanguard students by issuing Chromebooks for school and home use. It is a privilege extended to Vanguard students.