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-Very flat
-Usually red or brown in tone with some small areas of yellow and tan.
-Have 2 long Antennas
-Legs are covered in little spikes/prongs
-On average, they're roughly 1.5 inches long.

Geographic location

-Cockroaches are found all over the globe.
-They are most common in warm and tropical environments.
-They are also found in northern colder places, but they usually reside to warm sewer systems.
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Life Cycle

-Cockroaches go through Gradual Metamorphosis
-The entire cycle lasts around 1 year, most of that time is spent as a nymph (roughly 6 months)
-Their adult life is very short, lasting only a little more than a year.
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When do they Appear?

-They Appear during Initial Decay to eat the skin.


-Cockroaches are omnivores and will basically eat anything that can be digested.
-They eat the dead and decaying flesh from anything that has died
-They are great survivalists because of this, and they don't care about what they're eating, as long as it keeps them alive.

Fun Facts/ Aditonal Information

-They can go weeks without food, but water is very essential for their survival.
-Although the most known species is the American Cockroach, they are believed to be from Africa.
-They have been voted as the #1 hated bug in the USA, next to Mosquitoes.
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