Industries in Ellis County

Retail. Service. Agricultural. Wholesale. Manufacturing.

Retail Indusrty and Service Industry

Walmart-There is a Walmart located on Ovilla road in Red Oak. It is categorized as a retail industry. It is categorized as retail because it sales tangible items to consumers.

The Auto and Lube Department is also a good example of it being a service industry because they sale intangible services such as oil changes, tire, and automotive services.

Cotton Gin (Agricultural Industry)

The Cotton Gin is located in Ferris right off the Highway 45. It is classified as an agricultural industry because it is a form of modern farming. The cotton is used for things like making our clothing that we wear and stuffing in pillows.

Costco Wholesales

Costco is a wholesale industry because they sale tangible items in bulk with a cheaper price than buying the items as an individual package. There are many of these stores all over the state, but the one I know about is in Duncanville.
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This is a manufacturing industry located right here in Red Oak on Methodist Street. It is categorized as a manufacturing industry because they design, build and assemble parts for aircraft there.