bits of sunshine 4-8

Thank You

None of us have gotten this far in life without the help of another person. Professionally, many teachers along the way have lifted me up and inspired me. Mrs. Hall, my kindergarten teacher, started me on my path to teaching. I was lucky enough to share a classroom with Billy, a little boy with Down Syndrome, sadly in the early 1970's, that was very unusual. Mrs. Hall, assigned me to be Billy's helper, most likely to keep me out of her hair. Little did she know, a budding special education teacher was in the making.

Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week, and teachers were celebrated across the country. Social media was trending with people thanking teachers and teachers

reflecting on why they love teaching. So last week, I asked teachers across our

county why they teach and was inspired by each thoughtful answer.

As teachers, we could not be successful without the help of our fellow teachers, administration, and parents. We can see a bright future for the children we teach because we stand on their shoulders. So keep the love of teachers and teaching trending all year in your school. Lift up and celebrate those teachers around you so that we can all continue to see the future for our students.

This newsletter is dedicated to all the teachers in Worcester County.

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