Energy Made Visible

Workshop at KunstHalle by Deutsche Bank

Thursday, Nov. 26th, 3pm

122 Linienstraße


Jackson Pollock - Energy Made Visible

Thursday, November 26th, 2015, 3:00-6:00pm

In 1943, the American painter Jackson Pollock was commissioned by the wealthy art collector Peggy Guggenheim to create a large-scale painting for the atrium to her house in New York City. The painting that ultimately emerged is now one of the most important works of American art. In this workshop, we will examine Pollock’s famous „Mural“ and ask the following questions: which colors and forms did Pollock choose? How is energy and movement created? Imagine that the lines would leave the canvas and begin to dance in the exhibition space. How could we transform the movement from 2D into 3D? After a „warm-up,“ in which we make initial drawings, we will shape and form our own wire sculptures. In conclusion, we will discuss how we name our works of art and how we want to present them in the „Art Show“ on December 4th, 2015.

Grades: 3 – 5

Date: Thursday, November 26th, 2015

Time: Meeting BMS Lobby 3.00 – 6.00pm

Where: KunstHalle by Deutsche Bank

Maximum Number of Participants: 15

Fee: 4.00 Euro per child

CCEP Teacher: Alba von Vietinghoff & Sebastian Röhm

Registration Deadline: November 20th, 2015

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