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April 7 - April 11

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April 7 - 11 Benchmark Testing!

Just in Case you Want to Watch Again...

Monticello Intermediate School Benchmark Video- Let It Go

Kids to Brag On

Just had to share this from Amy Ross:

Today during class three of my kids made me cry because of how proud I was of them. A student failed to come in and finish his simple machine project and had to present what he had. He just kept saying, "I can't." All three of these kids said, "Yes, you can - finish putting it together as you explain it. Make it work. You can do it. Come on don't give up." They motivated this kiddo to get up and present his project and he did a great job. So, my hat is off to the amazing Justin Randolph, Nick Smith, and Jaci Bates! They are superstars and just created a moment that I will always remember!

One proud teacher!

Academy News

  • MIS Academy is cancelled for the week of April 7 - 11 due to Benchmark testing.
  • The week of April 14 - 17 will be the Planning/RtI week.
  • We will start our next round of Academy on April 21st.

Literacy is Changing...

Things to Ponder While You're Testing This Week:

This week our kids will be taking the Benchmark for the last time. I know it's difficult to sit there hour after hour and actively monitor them, but it's important. While you're monitoring this week, here are a few suggestions of things to ponder...

  • How much your students have grown! The first week of school was a long time ago, and they've all grown in so many ways. That growth is due in large part to what you do with them everyday. Whether you believe it or not, these kids are ready for the test, and they're going to just fine. They know what to do and when to do it, and this week will be no exception.
  • How much you've grown as an educator in the past year! Just like your students grow every year, you grow as educators. What new practices have you been able to get in place this year? What are some things you would still like to try? It's easy to get bogged down in all the things you want to change, but take a few minutes to reflect on the things you've gotten right!
  • Where do we need to head as a school next year? As you watch how your students are responding to the test, you may see areas you didn't hit as much as you would have liked to or places where we can still improve. Think of where we need to go as a content area and as a school. How can you be a part of moving our school forward?
  • Where would you rather be or what would you rather be doing? I'm not going to kid myself and think that you'll spend all your monitoring time thinking about school things! Take a few moments and plan that vacation you've never taken in your head, just for fun. I'm not going to lie - this past week while I was monitoring PARCC I planned the new paint colors for several rooms in my house, thought through how to decorate them, and even planned the flowerbeds. Take a few minutes and think about those things you seldom have time to think about. Everyone deserves a break!
  • One last thing...think about a good theme for us to have school-wide for next year. We've talked about doing this in the past, but always wait until it's too late to do it. The theme would be for both the students and teachers, and we would use it to build our school culture next year, decorate hallways and classrooms, family nights, and set the year apart from previous years. Some examples might be sports, a historical time period, camp, etc. The sky is the limit! If you want to submit a theme for consideration, please give it to your representative from the Leadership Team. We'll decide on one before the end of the year.

Remember - relax this week! It's all going to be fine!