Life Before The Constitution

By:Nicole Alvarez

Life as Southern Planter

I live in Virginia and I am a tobacco planter. My family owns about 30 black slaves, I am also quite wealthy. My wealth depends on how many slaves work the hardest and how many I have. The slaves plant, harvest, dry , pack, and load the tobacco so it can go on sale. There has been a lot of protest going on, Daniel Shays led a a rebellion against the government and large property owners. I myself am a large property owner, I am scared they are going to take my property away to be " equal." Sometimes they make laws which threaten the safety of my private property.

Life as a Banker/Merchant

I am a member of a prosperous banker and merchant family in New York. I make much of my money by providing loans to other people getting paid in interest on those loans. There's been some problems going on, many state legislatures are letting people who owe money to pay back in corn, tobacco, etc. Meaning I may lend them 100$ and I get back a two cows, and a bushel of corn. In some states people get put in jail when they don't pay what they owe, that's how it should be. I have some good news I have bought up thousands of dollars of government bonds. Now there's a chance for me to get payed all bonds with cash, I would make a lot of money.

Life as a Enslaved African American

Everyone in my family is enslaved, and live on a tobacco plantation in Virginia. The year is 1787. Eleven years ago the Declaration of Independence stated that " all men are created equal." And yet because my skin is black and I was born a slave I remain a slave. My life a slave is harsh. Up at dawn, quit when it gets dark, then more chores when I return from the fields. I am under constant control of my own master, though with my family , I have tried to carve out the best life I can.