Room 11 News

What's happening this week!


This week we are looking into some "unknown words". As crazy as this sounds, we will be looking at words that are not real words to see what decoding skills we are missing to stretch them out and read them correctly. It helps me see who is missing a specific skill and what we need our final focus to be on.

We will also be looking at more narrative and fairy tale stories as we wrap up our 4th quarter writing assessment.


These next few weeks we are jumping into our narrative writing pieces. This is a hard unit because sticking to a "small moment" is hard stuff when you have so many things you want to tell! We will start practicing together and grow our writing pieces into things that we can develop independently.

Spelling is still chugging right along. Next week we will be starting week 6. I noticed a couple of struggles with week 5 so please look for your child's Wednesday practice test to see which words they may need to practice before the final test on Friday.

Keep up the hard work!


These next couple of weeks is one GIANT review for items we've covered in the weeks prior. We will review concepts, practice some strategies and wrap up our unit 6 in a few weeks as we work towards that final test. It is rather lengthy so I like to break it up into multiple days.

Science / Social Studies

This week we will finish up our unit on light. It's been a great unit as we explore how rainbows are made, what it means to be transparent, translucent as well as opaque! We have had a lot of fun exploring this unique piece of our science!

Contact Info for Mrs. Putthoff

If you have any questions or need anything, please call or e-mail.

Specials this week and extra announcements:

Monday: Computer lab, Art, and Music

Tuesday: Library and Music

Wednesday:Computer and PE

Thursday: Art and Counselor

Friday: Chromebooks and Music

Field Trip Info!

All of our parent volunteer slots for the upcoming field trip have been filled - thank you to those who have volunteered. I will send out more information closer to date on what volunteers need and what students will need for that day.

If you are not volunteering but would like to still join us at the park (Cimmaron Park in Belton), you may. We will arrive around 11:15 and stay until shortly after 1:00.