Fun with After Effects

By: Daniel De los Santos

What to do in After Effects

After Effects is a great animation and special effects program. It is NOT an editing program so don't go in there trying to edit your videos. It's only to enhance your video's quality and professionalism. This program is for you if you are into animation, fx, people with super powers ext. I really recommend this.

What I learned

I learned a number of different things in After Effects. I learned text animation and camera placing. Which allowed me to make my very own Intro. I also learned how to add effects. Like the cc particle world which allows you to make like explosions and stuff. Everything I learned came from Youtube. Youtube can do wonders.

What I did

Great results

Final video

I made this energy ball/ core type of thing. It was really cool. I tried to tie it all together with my intro but I ran out of time

I choose my this topic

I choose this topic because I really wanted to learn more about special effects, and I thought they were really cool. So I wanted to incorporate them into my videos. I think you guys should definitely learn some features of after effects, and make a lesson for next years multimedia students. It's great.