Magazine Sales

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Turn-In Day #1: Wednesday, September 27

Turn-In Day #2: Wednesday, October 4

School ID # 1426873

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Principal's Message

This is a special edition regarding this year's magazine sales. On Monday, September 18 we'll kickoff this year's sale with grade level assemblies. This is the only fundraiser we do during the school year. We would love to have 100% participation. Our goal for this year is $35,000 in total sales. There's some rumor going around that Mr. Ptacek will spend the entire day on the roof in a chicken costume if the goal is met.

Please see the information below to stay informed of what will be happening.

What do the Magazine Sales support?

Funds from our fundraising program are used in a variety of ways. Here are just a few examples of the ways our monies are being put to use for your students:

  • Art Club: (Supplies)
  • Lego Robotics: (Supplies, Team entries for contests, other related expenses)
  • Science Olympiads: (Supplies, Team entries for contests, other related expenses)
  • Franklin Buddies: (Supplies related to the activities done by this group)
  • Drama/Musical: (Supplies, equipment, and other cost related to performance expenses)
  • Jazz Band: (Contest fees, equipment not covered under district funding, additional music, extra travel expenses)
  • Orchestra: (Contest fees, equipment not covered under district funding, additional music, travel expenses)
  • Illumination: (Contest fees, equipment not covered under district funding, additional music, travel expenses, uniforms)
  • Technology Purchases (Project Lead the Way supplies, PE, resources to assist in classroom throughout the building)
  • Student Council: (Workshop expenses, registration fees, community service projects)
  • Assemblies: (Special presentations from outside groups for all grade levels)
  • Grade Level: (Allocations for awards and all grade/team activities)
  • PBIS: (Building wide rewards, supplies, materials)
  • Year Book: (Printing and supplies related to publication)
  • Curriculum: (Materials that go above and beyond the standard curriculum used or for extensions of classwork)
  • Athletic teams: (Replacement of uniforms, equipment, and materials)
  • Library: (Supplies and materials above and beyond the supported district budget)

Reachout Booklets

On Monday, September 18 students will receive Reachout Booklets. Students are asked to fill out 10 addresses for friends/family they won't see during the sale. All that's needed are the addresses and the company will take care of the rest. Annually, we receive money throughout the year because of the reachout booklet. Reachout booklets are due back to school by Tuesday, September 19.

Magazine Turn-In Information

First turn in day will be Wed. Sept. 27th. Prizes for each level that day are:

  • Earn Store tickets for every item sold
  • Earn a "Coop" collectible for every item sold
  • Sell 5: Receive admission to Kona Ice day @ lunch

Second Turn in day will be Wed. Oct. 4th. Prizes for each level that day are:

  • Earn Store tickets for every item sold
  • Sell 5: Receive admission to Matt Wilhelm Show

Please see the attachment below with a calendar of important events related to this year's sale.

Follow the link below for the student handout.

Can I donate cash?

Every year we answer the question, I don't want a magazine, can I simply donate to the school? The quick answer is, OF COURSE! Donations that are made to the school stay 100% at Franklin. With the magazine sales we receive 50% of the profit. Donations are also 100% deductible.

In terms of subscriptions, donations in $20 increments count as 1 subscription.

Savings Pass Flyer & Tumblers

In addition to magazines students will also have the opportunity to sell a Cedar Rapids Area Savings Pass and Decorative Team Tumblers. See the attachments below for the flyer and additional information.

Volunteers Needed

Parent volunteers are needed on Thursday, September 28th and Thursday, October 5th from 8:30 to noon to help with check magazine orders that come in. Please email Jennifer Edwards, or call 558-2452 to sign up to help.

Payment Methods

We recommend check or money order. This way your funds are assured to be spent at Franklin. Cash sometimes can be easily lost between home and school. This is the best way to handle transactions. Cash is still accepted. Checks should be made out to Franklin Middle School. On the memo line but your child’s first and last name so if we have to track down an order we know how it was paid for.

Online Orders ID# 1426873

On-line orders can be made and students will get credit for items ordered. Orders made prior to Wednesday, Sept. 28th at 8:00 AM will count towards a student’s turn-in #’s on that day. On-line orders made between 8:05 AM on Wednesday, Sept. 28th and 8:00 AM Wednesday, Oct. 5th will count towards a student’s turn in #’s for the last turn-in on Oct. 5th.

Please make sure to list the students first and last name when placing your on-line order so they will get credit for the order. We do keep a smaller percentage of revenue on these sales.

Receive College Tuition Credits

Your child can receive college tuition credits to a number of private colleges in and out of state by participating in the Great American Fund Raiser.

Check out this brief one minute video below.

The program is call Tuition Rewards. To find out more about tuition rewards 350 private colleges in the U.S. participate in tuition rewards including 8 colleges in Iowa plus another 70 colleges in the states bordering Iowa.