November Literacy & Learning News


Remember Your Role

"Reading at home should be about curiosity, discovery, and exploration. It's great, of course, to support your child while she's learning the mechanics of reading at school, but your most important job is more profound: to foster a love of reading. So leave the lessons to the classroom; don't put it on yourself to make your child hit particular targets. Your job is to make this a pleasure." pg 48.

This quote comes from the book How to Raise a Reader. Along with great tips and help to reassure parents as we are supporting our developing readers, the authors of this book also have great suggestions of book titles to help you lead your child down the path of loving reading.

Many books about helping children to love reading end as children finish first grade. This book is unique in that it helps parents to support their children as readers all the way through their teen years. I also liked the format - you can really just pick out the section you want to read based on the age of the child you have in mind. We have just ordered two copies of the book and they will soon be in the parent resource section of our MPQ library. It is worth checking out!

Parent Book Club Discussion

The MP Parent Leadership Team is going to start a book discussion around the book UnSelfie: Why Empathetic Kids Succeed in Our All About Me World. The parents that signed up at family night and have won a copy of the book are Juliana Kimpton, Merinda Chamberlin, Wendy Scharrschmidt, and Emily Pier. We have four additional copies in the parent resources section in the MPQ library, and I know that it is also available through the Ripon Public Library. We will be organizing a time and place for the group to get together, and hopefully, a virtual platform that will work too. Stay tuned and watch for updates about when and where on Facebook, in your email, and through IC. Thanks for your interest! It should a great group!

Title 1 Corner

Title 1 information

Murray Park has a schoolwide Title 1 program. This means that teachers and staff work with families and students to help all students make academic progress and reach their potential. Throughout the next few months, I will be sharing information from our Title 1 Plan and from our Parent/Family Survey from last Spring.

The Title 1 Plan has goals that fall under three areas: Student Academic Goals, Parent and Family Engagement Goals, and Staff Development Goals.

One of the Student Academic goals is to improve student learning by developing engagement in reading through a positive attitude toward reading within the school community.

Parent survey results from Spring

When we asked parents last Spring if they felt their child has a positive attitude toward reading 68% said yes, 23% said yes, but their son or daughter sometimes had trouble finding a good book, and 9 % said no. Teachers work on building communities of readers in the classroom and parents work on supporting reading at home. Together we will make a difference. If you have questions about additional ways to support your child's reading identity: talk with your child's teacher, read aloud to them, be a reading model, and make sure they have access to material they want to read.

Jill Puhlmann-Becker, Reading Specialist RASD