GHS Update

April 24, 2020

GHS Teacher of the Year- Coach Weaver!!!

Congratulations to Coach Weaver on being voted GHS Teacher of the Year. She received the award based on the votes from the GHS faculty. She is an outstanding representative for our teachers and staff!
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Monday Assignment Drop off

Assignments from April 20 through May 1 may be dropped off on Monday, April 27 from 8:00 to 10:00 and 4:00 to 6:00. New assignments will be ready on Monday, May 4.

If you did not pick up your work packet last Monday, Apr. 20, we have it here for you. Come by and get it, please.

Senior students and parents

Ms. Crutsinger has set up a Google Doc for questions and answers as they come up. I understand the frustration of events being canceled and nothing exact on graduation. Please understand we want to the best for our students who have put in four years at GHS. If you want to ask directly, (940) 612-5013 or

Student Council Update from Mr. Pringle


Hey guys, just a reminder for anyone who is interested in being apart of student government for the 2020-2021 school year; applications for Executive Student Council (which represents the entire school) are due this coming Sunday April 26th. Online voting will take place Friday May 3rd and will be open to the entire school. If you are interested in being apart of student government as a class level officer, that election process information will be posted after May 3rd. Please help to spread the word. Visit the below website for any questions or feel free to email me directly. ( Some individuals have had trouble accessing the site (and I'm still troubleshooting that). If you have that issue please let me know and I will send you the forms directly.

Female Athletes- A word form Coach Weaver....

We will have a female athletic pickup/drop off for anything you've left in the locker room's or any GISD issued equipment you need to return. Please pull around to the back by the gym doors and/or girl's field house locker room doors. Please stay in your vehicles to help us honor social distancing and we will approach your vehicles.

Pickup/drop off will be Tuesday, April 28th from 9-11 am and 5-7 pm.

Library book return for Ms. Perry


Please begin bringing library books back to school. The office is open each day from 8:00-1:00. Thank you so much for your assistance. We appreciate each and everyone of you!

TSI/ Dual Credit

If you have signed up for the first time to take a dual credit college class for next school year, you will be receiving a call from your counselor to set up a TSI test.

GHS closed for the remainder of the year; Distance Learning to continue

With Governor Abbott's order for all schools to remain closed for the remainder of the school year, GHS Distance Learning will continue for the rest of the year. Despite the challenges, it is imperative that students complete their work to the best of their ability whether on line through Google Classroom or through work assignment packets. Communication will be the key as teachers are being proactive in making contact to ensure students understand expectations.

There are many of questions. Below is sample of what we've been asked already.

Graduation We are, currently, looking at alternatives to our traditional ceremony at UNT. We will announce those plans as soon as we have a solid plan in place. The goal is to still have graduation on May 27.

On campus activities through May, such as Class Night, Baccalaurette, spring concerts and certain banquets are canceled. We are exploring other ideas to celebrate our hard-working students.

Prom is an off-campus event that we still hope to have, but just as with all events in our city, we would be restricted to our options if there is an extension of the current group gathering requirements. Unfortunately, this would be out of our control.

We will not have final exams. Our current grading policy requires two grades per week. Completing your assignments is critical for seniors to graduate and underclassmen to get credit for this year and advance to the next grade for 2020-21.

An office secretary is here from 8:00-1:00 each day. Administrators are on campus everyday, as well.

Please feel free to shoot me an email with any question or call. I understand your need to know. Chances are many others have your same question. or (940) 612-5013


Photos for Slide Show

Photos are being collected for the senior slideshow. If you would like to have your senior featured in the slideshow, please include (3) pictures of the Senior only, not to include pictures with siblings, parents or friends. (You can include a baby picture, Junior High Picture, and a Senior Picture or any combination you like.) Place pictures in a sealed envelope with $10.00 and label it “Senior Photos’ and put your Senior’s name on it. Also please write your senior’s name on the back of each photo.

You may drop this envelope off at GHS on Mondays during the assignment pickup window.


Last chance to purchase a yearbook is May 30. This will be like no other year......a "once in a lifetime" book of memories. If you have any questions, please email Ms. Perry To get yours, please visit
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Check Google Codes!

Some Google Codes have been added. Ms. McTyre, from Talent Search, is now on there, as well. Double check to make sure you are using the correct one. Questions? (940)612-5013
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Google Classroom

Below are the steps to begin using Google Classroom. We are off to a great start but problems always arise, please email your teacher or me ( to help get the issue resolved. You can also call 612-5013 (Direct line) or 665-5528 (GHS Office). The procedures remain the same.

  1. Go to Please keep in mind that some teachers will still be setting up their accounts.
  2. Access using your school email account. “What’s my school email” is ALWAYS a question. First initial last name . Grad year example:
  3. Click the plus "+" sign in the top right hand corner
  4. Add the codes of your teachers. The codes for each teacher and the specific period is listed below.

ACT practice!!!

You have been invited to TruScore Testing & Analysis Online! The purpose of this platform is to give access to MasteryPrep's ACT practice tests from home. On this platform, you will exercise your test-taking skills, time management, and overall performance on the ACT. Upon completion of the practice test(s), your results will post to your dashboard instantly.

Please use the link below to create your account:

You will receive an email to complete your account registration, so be sure to check your spam folder.

Refer to the "Help" tab to review the TruScore Online user guide.

TSI On line Study Guide

When we return, students who want to take dual credit courses but have not passed the TSI, yet, will have to do so. The TSI on line study guide is a great way to prepare.

ACCUPLACER Free Web-Based Study App no longer requires students to “purchase” the free study app or provide an access code from the College Board store to activate their account. Instead, students are able to access the free, Web-Based Study App directly by signing up for an account with an active email address at

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