Mapping the road for Future Career

By; Angela Moya

Define your career goal, short term, long term goals?

Career Goal | My career goal is to become a Financial Analysts.

Short-Term Goal | A goal I hope to achieve in the next year is improve on learning more about the career I wanna do.

Long-Term Goal | A goal I hope to achieve in the next few years to help me achieve my career goal is to increase in the knowledge of my career and as well be in college for it.

Career requiments;

Educational Requirements | Bachelor’s degree in finance, business or related field; master’s degree is common.

Certification | Certified by the CFA Institute, which grants the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) title. This requires passing three exams, having four years of work experience and holding a bachelor's degree.


Name of College| Rice University

Location of College| Houston, Texas

Major| Accounting, Business, Economics

Cost for 1 year| $38,941

Websites where information was found |

Accomplishments, skills, interest

Accomplishments- List at least 2 things you have accomplished that will help you reach your future career goal.

  1. Experienced at least some accounting, or business.

  2. Have gotten the education needed for my career.

Skills- List at least 5 skills you have related to your future career.

**Look at your vocabulary card for the word skill, also look at the blue papers on the wall

  1. Algebra

  2. Dealing with graphs, charts etc.

  3. Handling money

Interest- List at least 2 interest you. What do you like to do in your free time?

  1. On my free time maybe math

  2. I love solving problems


List at least three obstacles you may face while trying to achieve your career goal.

Example: During college I needed money to pay for my books. Most semesters I had to pay about $300-$500 for books and lab fees. I had to get a part time job so that I could pay for these things my scholarship did not pay for.

1. Paying books

2. Money can probably be an problem

3. A job is probably something I’ll need to pay my books or anything i need.

4. Family

Steps to reach you goal

1. Experience working in Financial Analyst

2. A job

3. Graduating High School

4. Passing all my staar test

5. Having a good recommendation letter

6. And always be doing better than my best is

Success: Professional and Personal

Professional Success: Describe what your life will look like when you have reached Professional Success. What kind of job will you have? Where will you be working? Where will you be living?

My job would be an Financial Analyst, I would work at the Woodforest National Bank. Hopefully still living in New Caney, Tx if not in the Conroe, Tx area.

Personal Success:

Describe what your life will look like when you have reached Personal Success.

Married with kids? Expensive car? Big house? Lots of money?

First I would wanna be in my job for at least a year of working there to get myself together and have my money. Then get married and have kids when talked about and ready too. Expensive car? More like an Expensive GMC truck, Big house? Size wouldn't matter unless we have a big family as long as we are all comfortable with the house and we like it is all that matters.