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Weekly Update 01/18-01/22

Letter from MEB

Happy Wednesday!

Please note the extra space we have dedicated to PBIS. PBIS, Second Step and ESL will be critical to a successful return to “normal” (boy, did that feel good to type). Lots of great info and resources for everyone in the PBIS section.

We have several winners from the SMORE that have not gotten their goodies yet. If you are one of those folks, please let me know when you are in the building so I can make a special delivery to you!

Finally, I had the pleasure of working the food line at North Ridge last night. What amazing ladies we have feeding our families! They were organized, friendly, and just all-around fabulous. You would have thought it was a balmy, sunny 70 degree evening rather than a “feels like” temp of 23 degrees! For all the food service staff working the food lines despite the temps and conditions, we appreciate you and I can’t wait to help again! You are taking such good care of our families- it is obvious they appreciate you based on the grins and friendly conversations. Way to go!


Student Engagement

How do I ensure students are engaged with each other and the content in a hybrid and/or remote learning environment?

AVID Weekly Articles

Have you been looking for reliable supplemental lessons that are ready to post to your Google classroom? AVID Weekly has some amazing resources. If you haven’t used AVID weekly in the past, it is a collection of articles with lessons and AVID strategies built in. The great news is that AVID has now converted all of the articles to Google Docs that can be copied and shared in your Google classroom with just a few clicks. Below is how you can access the articles!

Here you can find a secondary example:

Lesson plan below

Try it, Talk it, Color it, Check it

Fun way to help students collaborate.

Equity in the Classroom: Three Part Series

Presented by Monica Washington

Remote Grading and Assessment Help

January 26 and February 2 presented by Tom Schimmer


Edutopia is a trusted source shining a spotlight on what works in education. Showing people how they can adopt or adapt best practices, and tell stories of innovation and continuous learning in the real world.


Hello Special Education Staff!

Below you will find the link to the PD Schedule for January and February that will include:

Open Gyms: Come to collaborate with your peers, ask questions, work on curriculum etc.-You will earn a 1 hour stipend and CPDU.

Live PD Sessions: Come to engage in a live presentation with different district staff members -You will earn a 1 hour stipend and CPDU

Self-Paced PD: Each month will have 2 self-paced PD options. You can view the presentation on your own time, then complete the quiz and an Exit ticket. I will send out the CPDU's at the end of each month. (I am still working on the finishing touches, so they are not ready just yet).


Second Step

January 20

1:00 p.m.

Using SEL to Create Equitable Schools

To register

January 21

11:00 a.m.

Middle School: Using the Mid-Year Check-In Resources (Session 1)

To register

January 21

1:00 p.m.

Early Learning: Improved Behavior, Improved Learning

To register

January 21

1:00 p.m.

Elementary and Bullying Prevention: Power to Create a Positive School Climate

To register

January 21

5:00 p.m.

Middle School: Using the Mid-Year Check-In Resources (Session 2)

To register


Below is the weekly Coaches' Update from PBIS. Molly asked that we share in the Smore this week as a reminder to take advantage of all the great resources they offer.

Weekly PBIS Coaches Update

Training Spotlight !

Looking for support with Tier 1?

Join one of these opportunities next week...

Tier 1 Team Booster to plan for assessing and action planning to improve fidelity of tier 1 implementation.

When: Jan 20 & 21 from 12-3pm CST

Cost: $120 / participant

Register now!

Problem-Solving Tier 1 Coaching Challenges - a new opportunity to bring your questions to a Midwest PBIS team member and network with a limited number of participants around a specific topic.

Upcoming Trainings

Looking to improve your teaming processes?

Check out these trainings.....

Data Based Decision Making

January 29 (note date change)

12-3pm CST

Registration coming soon!

Are looking to train a new team?

Join this team training....

Tier 1 Team Training

February 2-5

12-3pm CST


New Support!!

Targeted Coaching for Hot Topics

You asked and we listened! These sessions are topic specific generated by your frequently asked questions and common challenges faced by schools and districts.

Each session will be limited to 15 registrants

3:00-4:15pm CST

Cost $30 / person

Jan 19

Problem-solving Tier 1 Coaching Challenges

Jan 20

Replacing Clip Charts, Negative Points, or Demerits & Installing a Growth Mindset

Jan 26

Maximizing the Role of the Tier 1 Team Data-analyst: The Unsung Hero of PBIS

Jan 27

Supporting Staff to Improve Student Outcomes

Jan 28

Improving Tier 3 System of Support in a Virtual Environment

Feb 2

Problem-solving Tier 2 Coaching Challenges

Feb 4

Helping Schools Who Struggle with Implementing Check-in Check-out at Fidelity

Feb 9

Creating Flexibility with Your Teaching Matrix

Feb 11

Increasing Positive Behavior by Increasing Feedback and Acknowledgements

Feb 16

Why Have 3-5 School-wide Expectations? And Are Ours Working for Us?

Feb 17

Implementing PBIS in Alternative Settings

Feb 18

District Leadership Teams: Buy-in and Getting Started

Feb 24

It's Not One More Thing! Integrating Trauma Informed within Your PBIS Framework

Feb 25

Reviewing Your School-wide Rules and Routines to be More Clear and Effective


Coaches Network Meetings

Recording and materials now available!!

If you missed joining us for January Coaches Network Meeting, you can now watch the recording. And even more helpful from this month's meeting, see the resources and ideas that were shared via Jamboard.

Upcoming Coaches Meetings

February 8

Tier 3 Implementation During Uncertain Times: Jumping Back into the Work or Starting Fresh


March 8

District Planning for 2021-2022 School Year: Coaching, Evaluation and PD


April 12

The Intersection between Equity and PBIS: Everything is Connected


May 10

Reflect on the Year and Plan for the Future: Assessment and Action Planning


Find past materials and recordings on our

Coaches Network Meeting page.

Resource Spotlight

New year, new habits in the classroom......

The new year often prompts self-reflection and resolutions. Did you happen to make any resolutions about improving classroom practices?

If so, this new brief from Center on PBIS, will help you consider making classroom practices habits!

Read Habits of an Effective Classroom Practice or watch related webinar!

Midwest PBIS Network |


Ready-to-Launch Activities

Looking to supplement your lesson plan with an engaging activity or a fun, community-building game? We've done the work for you! We partnered with your favorite content providers and trusted sources to create a collection of ready-to-teach activities!

See them all!


Daily Decks

A Newsela article paired with engaging Pear Deck prompts for active learning

Trivia Game Templates

A short, fun template pack to bring joy and connection to your class

Pear Deck

Weekly Wonders

A short deck designed around awe-inspiring content to spark conversation

Community-Building Templates

Build a harmonious classroom community that knows and cares for one another

Parks Project

Interactive Decks for every grade that focus on North America's National Parks — including virtual tours

Social-Emotional Learning Templates

Help students gain coping skills, resilience, emotional awareness, and empathy

Keeping students safe online 💻

Pear Deck and Google's Be Internet Awesome is a free digital citizenship curriculum full of interactive presentations that teach your students how to safely and confidently explore the online world. Install the curriculum now!

Remote Interventions K-6

Have you been looking for intervention ideas to use with your students while we are remote? These slides contain a collection of ideas for you to use for reading and math interventions for a variety of skills. All these intervention ideas come from resources we have available to us no matter where we are, so you won't have to worry about finding materials to take home with you. As we find more ideas for you, we will continue to update this slideshow, so keep checking this link!

Connecting the DOTS (Distant, Online Teachers and Students)

Webinar series and website designed to support teachers and families in navigating the uncharted terrain of remote and hybrid learning during COVID-19. Brought to you by Illinois State University's College of Education, this site is here to provide the latest approaches positively influencing teaching and learning. On the Connecting the DOTS website, you will find 10 Considerations for Remote and Hybrid Learning. For each topic you will see resources curated by ISU's College of Education faculty, and an upcoming free webinar that can be joined to talk with fellow educators who have promising practices to share.

Educators can register for the webinars at the Connecting the DOTS website:

llinois State Board of Education

The Illinois State Board of Education is proud to announce a new program to increase mental health supports for Illinois students and educators. Click here for more info.

Educational Collaborators-Coaching Request Form

Please respond to the questions on the attached doc so we can match a coach to your needs and get a coaching session set up as soon as possible.


Lightspeed Classroom Management Demo from Lightspeed

Relay Classroom with Remote Learning from Lightspeed

Here is a video from another school

Short training from Lightspeed

Intro into Relay from Lightspeed

Past Smores

Links to all of our past newsletters in one place.