Exploring Canada

Read below to learn about Canadas identity , land , etc !

Welcome to Canada !

Canadians are closely connected to their land . Our land shapes the peoples ways of living . This country has been known as Canada since 1867 , and has been home to many indigenous peoples for thousands of years .

Popular Places

The most popular places in all of Canada are Vancouver and Toronto. Vancouver is favourited for its beautiful , majestic landscapes that presents a natural playground for everyone who lives there , or visits . People can swim in the ocean , rollerblade through one of the parks , and ski in the mountains any time you want .

Toronto on the other hand is known most for the CN Tower , however land-wise, you may visit Niagara Falls . It is estimated that 30 million people visit there yearly . You may also visit the CN Tower , one of their famous museums , or perhaps you can join along with the Haunted Walk which offers some spooky tales and gory facts .

How is Canada's Identity Expressed ?

Canada's identity consists of the land , animals , symbols , culture, sports , beautiful art and architecture , music , and literature . Some examples of these are the climates and landforms , the Canadian flag , fiddle music , hockey etc. Though , these aren't the only things that affect the well being of Canada's identity . First Nations , Inuit , and Metis cultures continue to influence Canada's identity today.

Why are Certain Lands Set Aside ?

The reason why certain land is set aside in Canada is to protect reserves , heritage sites , such as the Rocky Mountains , Nahanni National Park Reserve , etc , and the Crownland .

How Was Canada Named ?

The name 'Canada' originates from the aboriginal word 'kanata' for land, village, or settlement. The explorer Jacques Cartier was the first to use it on an expedition in 1535 up the St. Lawrence River

Expectations of Treaties ?

First Nations believed that the treaties would allow them to continue their traditional life by living off the land . They hoped that the newcomers would live in harmony with them . Many of the newcomers didn't speak English . They relied on something called oral tradition instead of words written on paper . The First Nations' expectations were to have support for the generations to come , they wanted to share the land , maintain peace , continue traditional ways of life , have hunting , land and fishing rights , and good education and medical care .

Historical Events

The Royal Proclamation of 1763 was issued by the British King George III in 1763 . Britain was establishing control over territory it had taken over France . The Proclamation was a necessary first step to creating relationships with the British Crown , French Canada and the First Nations whom lived in the territories .

The Creation of Medicare ; one defining aspect of Canada is medicare . The government of Saskatchewan , led by Tommy Douglas enacted a universal health care plan in 1962 . The program proved a success and was then introduced to the medical care act in 1966 . Each province was allowed to create a health care plan . Today the government , provinces , and the territories all have a key role in administering the health care system of Canada .

How Did the War Affect Canada ?

Canada became an industrial nation through its efforts during the second world war . For example , More than 16000 planes and 400 ships were built I Canada for the war . There was a 40 percent chance increase in agriculture production , and supplies were shipped to England , India , China and other countries .

Indigenous Views of Land

The traditional views of Indigenous peoples are that Mother Earth is a provider of life , there is a spirit in everything , they have a close relationship with the land , they take responsibility , and their identity is reflected upon the earth .

European Views of Land

The Western Europeans think that the land needs to be used to meet their needs and wants , the land should be able to be bought , owned and sold , earth should provide resources for benefits , and ownership of the land is important for status and the quality of life .
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