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From the Prez...

Fall approaches, summer fades, school is on the horizon and many members grin as a by product of retirement! I hope you have all had the summer you have needed whether that be excitement, calm meditation, travel, healing, quality time with the grands, work or whatever else life demands of you. I look forward to our first meeting in September as I'm sure we will be a buzz with catching up on our varied paths and we all want to know what has happened in our DKG sisters' lives in the past few months.

Please take time to look through this newsletter to meet our newest member, to see where we will be meeting and what committees you are on, to look back quickly at this past year, and to get a few other updates.


Brief Meeting schedule information...

The traditional yearbook will be available in September with the next 2 year cycle, but follow this link to see where meetings are and which committee you are on for hostessing this coming year...

2014-2016 Committee assignments

Click the link below and find your name to determine which committee you are one for the next two years. If your committee is responsible for a meeting program, it is noted in the right hand column.