Garrett Plucker

My Personality

My Color

My color is brown. I am a direct and very brief person that gets right to the point. I like the answers yes or no and don't like excuses.

My Strengths

My 5 strengths are:

-Low key personality

-Easygoing and relaxed

-Patient and well balanced

-Consistent life

-Finds the easy way

My Animal

My animal is the wolf. The wolf is very athletic and good looking. the wolf is also brimming and demands absolute loyalty.

My Careers

-Law Enforcement





My influence on this class

The positive traits i have are good because under pressure i am good at thinking. I am relaxed and easy going. That means I can solve problems without getting frustrated. I can also help people relax if the get frustrated. If an experiment goes wrong i could be the one to save the day and help it get back on track.