The End (Almost)

Writen and Illustraded by Jim Benton


It is fiction because Donut the bear talks

Authors Purpose

Entertaining because Donut is trying not to be the end of the story so Donut dresses like a man with a mustache


To get Donut to leave because it was the end

Point of veiw

Third person

Mood and Tone

Sneaky, and silly

Example of Figurative Language

Burp! is an example of onomatopoeia


Donut the bear is telling the story and he doesn't know how it ends, First Donut burps then the narrator said it was the end. Next, donut did'nt think it was the end.Last,The narrator read him a story.


This book was silly because Donut did'nt think it was the end. For example, Donut burped and the narrator said it was the end.
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Created by Joshua vega😋