Buddy Bench

A note about the Buddy Bench:

To continue to foster a positive school climate, Worcester's Home and School Association along with our school counselor Shannon Broadhead are introducing a Buddy Bench on the playground this year. The Buddy Bench is a simple idea to foster friendships on the playground. It will be a designated place where students can meet friends and make friends. At the first all-school assembly, Shannon reviewed basic guidelines for using the Buddy Bench, which included:

1. If you choose to sit on the buddy bench, you must say yes to the first friend who invites you to play, talk or walk.
2. If you see a friend when you are sitting on the buddy bench, you can invite him/her to play, talk or walk.
3. Two friends sitting on the buddy bench can turn to each other and invite each other to play, talk or walk.​

When a child is asked off the bench to come play, the hope is that they’ll have the confidence to go play with their new friends again the next day.
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