A Peek at Our Week

March 21-25, 2016

Reading and Language Arts

RF 1.3,1.4, RL 1.1,1.2,1.3,1.5,1.6 L 1.1, 1.2,1.4,W 1.1, 1.5,1.6,1.8

We will learn the long e and short e sounds and spellings. We will review adding er, est, ed, and es to the end of a word. We will read “At the Crayon Factory”, “Patty’s Family Sketches”, and “Crayons” in our hardback reader. Our reading strategy this week will be rereading and finding details. This month we will be focusing on inferring (reading between the lines).

Our vocabulary words are anticipate, arrived, numerous, vibrant, familiar, and properly. We will learn past tense verbs. We will continue to write opinions (persuasive writing).



1. OA.1 ,1.OA.6, 1NBT.1, 1NBT.2, 1NBT.3, 1NBT.4,

This week we will focus on solving with difference unknown story problems. This can be tricky for young mathematicians. An example of this type of problem would be:

Kim had 14 fish. She has some blue fish and 10 are red. How many fish are blue?

14=______+10 or 14 -10= _____

Students will also be using a place value chart to record and name tens and ones within a two- digit number up to 100. We will continue to use <, >, and = to compare numbers.

Science/Social Studies

We will begin to learn about good and services. What is a natural resource? What kinds of natural resources does Alabama have?

Boosterthon Fun Run!!

Come cheer on your child! Our run time will be 10:30-11:30!

I downloaded the one with the dog on a purple background.

Important Dates

March 23rd - Boosterthon Fun Run

March 28th- Spring Break begins

April 8th - Friday Freeze

Spelling Words