Summer Update

Saint Columbkille School Summer 2021

Happy Summer, Knights!

This is a quick update on some of the reopening policies for next year. Please note that this does not encompass every detail and certainly things have the ability to change.

We appreciate your continued support, understanding, and flexibility.

Saint Columbkille School is announcing the return to full in-person schooling for the 2021-2022 school year. With COVID-19 data showing a decreasing trend of cases, we are seeing a growing number of signs supporting a return to full in-school learning. There has been an increase in vaccine availability for the general public, giving us great confidence in our ability to keep our school community healthy. If the data were to change drastically during the ongoing pandemic, then the plans for next year would be revisited. The current Saint Columbkille School calendar for 2021-2022 can be found on the school's website at

We would like to thank our faculty and staff whose hard work and dedication to our students was evident daily, both in the classroom and synchronously via Virtual Learning. Our teachers provided an exceptional educational experience to our students and we are so grateful to them for offering curriculum in such a unique and positive manner. The resilience of our students to carry on under the unusual circumstances of this year is inspirational.

Enjoy the remainder of Summer Break!

Mr. Andy Richards

Staffing Updates

We are sad to see two incredible educators leave SCS, but we will pray that God will bless them on their new journey.

We would like to say Thank You and See You Soon to Ms. Chandler and Miss Majka. Both teachers made a wonderful, positive, and lasting impact on our students and the community of SCS. Thank you for your dedication, service, and faith! May God Bless You on your new journey!

As the saying goes, when God closes one door, He opens a window. Our window opened with our new Little Knights PreKindergarten Aide, Mrs. Bobbi Jo Collins.

We are so excited to have Mrs. Collins in PreK with our Little Knights! She is loving, caring, and energetic! Our Little Knights will THRIVE with Mrs. Collins helping Miss Colella! Welcome, Mrs. Collins!

Mrs. Stieglemeyer, who was previously our teacher's aide in PreKindergarten, is now our Lead Teacher in PreSchool.

Congratulations, Mrs. Stieglemeyer!

We have two new faces in our intermediate hallway. First, our new second grade teacher, Mrs. Judy Hudak. Mrs. Hudak taught both second grade and music at St. Bridget of Kildare School and is excited to continue to form our students in the Faith and prepare them for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. Welcome, Mrs. Hudak!

And finally, our new face in third grade is Ms. Amy Faris. Ms. Faris is coming to us from St. Ambrose School. We are excited for her to share her creativity, love, and passion for Catholic Education and Kids with us at SCS! Welcome, Ms. Faris!

Meet & Greet

Information regarding Meet & Greet will be provided in August. Masks will be required for all individuals to enter the school.

Please note, we may have to host several days in order to provide a safe, healthy, and clean facility to both our students and staff.

NEW Playground

The NEW playground is installed and will ready for our kiddos on the first day of school!

This playground is for ALL students of SCS, from our Little Knights all the way through our Grade 8 Leaders!

This is an area that is fun, stimulating, and inviting! ALL students and Staff can benefit from one or more areas of this playground. It's certainly not just for the younger Knights!

I will definitely be using the playground... :)

Thank you to all who made this possible! This Playground was long overdue at SCS!


Students will be required to enter and exit the building with a mask.

Students will be required to wear masks in common areas - hallways, restrooms, etc.

Students will be able to remove the mask once seated in a desk/chair.

If a student gets up to move about the classroom, the student must put his or her mask back on.

Teachers reserve the right to ask all students to keep masks on during instruction.

Students have the right to keep his/her mask on at all times.

Both Students and Staff are required to wear masks in common areas regardless of being vaccinated.

Volunteers & Guests

Volunteers and guests will be strictly limited on a daily basis and classroom basis.

All volunteers and guests will be required to wear a mask at all times while working in the school.

All guests will be required to check in at the front desk with a photo ID. Each guest will receive a badge that must be clearly worn and displayed.

The guest must check out at the front desk before the leaving the premises.

More information will be available soon.

Water Bottles

Students are still permitted to bring water bottles to school and utilize the refilling stations provided.

These water bottles should be plastic and have a sport top or pop up top.

No metal water bottles are permitted.

Lunch Periods

Lunch periods will resume as normal. Masks must be worn in and out of the cafeteria. Once a student is seated with his/her lunch, he/she may remove the mask.


We will be returning to full, school masses. Students will be required to wear masks in and out of the Church. Once seated, masks may be removed.

Masks may stay off when walking up to receive Communion.

Temperature Checks

Temperature checks will happen only when a student is ill.

SCS Spirit Wear Store Links

We are happy to announce that we have streamlined the Spirit Wear for this year! All Spirit Wear ordered from one of these links below will be shipped directly to YOU!

All of this Spirit Wear, except the hoodies, are appropriate to wear on Mondays for Half and Half Spirit Days

Shield Logo

Knights Logo

These links are opened and ready for you to order ANYTIME, ANYPLACE! 24/7! They are also on our website at

**If you order a hoodie, it cannot be worn in school.**

School Uniforms

Our School Uniform policy will be followed closely this year. Please ensure that your child is wearing the correct shirt, shorts/pants, shoes, and socks. This is an important piece of Catholic Education teaching COMMUNITY, and DISCIPLINE.

Physical Education Uniforms

If you need a new P.E. uniform, please use the form below and email your form to Mrs. Gallagher at

Orders will be available for pick up during Family Meet & Greet times which will be announced in August.

Payment can be accepted via cash or check made out Saint Columbkille School.

FULL Payment and Form are required to receive your order.