A way to keep memories

Who created it?

Joseph Nicephore Niepce was born on March 7, 1775 and died on July 5, 1833.His dream was to put his memories on paper and look at them in the future. Niepce had the first idea of photography, after he passed away photography was not introduced commercially until 1833.

Where can Photography be found?

Photography can be found in any home. Photography can only be created by using a camera. This innovation can also be found at your local park or at a wedding .Now people are taking pictures for a job, because of Niepce family's wouldn't be able to supply for them selves.

How did Photography affect society?

Photography was the first electronic invention. This invention has changed society for good. Now we have iPhones and iPads and other cool things and for that we have to thank Niepce. Back then they didnt have a clue that we could keep our memories until Niepce came out with this cool way to keep your memories.

How has Photography grown and changed over time?

Photography has drastically changed. If you go to the store and you look at the newer cameras they have changed tremendously from the big box to a little palm size. Now that we know how to compact our technology into a small SD card we can make a compact camera.

How has technology changed american history and individual citizens?

Technology has changed american history extensive amount. If we wouldn't of had people creating their ideas to a reality, we wouldn't have iPhones and iPads. As a citizen that has an iPhone and iPad it has changed my life. I don't have to ask my mom if she can call my friend, ask her mom and see if she can come over. I can turn on my iPhone and ask her instantly. There is a bad effect too. I don't see any of the kids outside playing anymore. They are all on their electronics.