Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship, Cyberbullying, Internet Safety

Digital Citizenship is a big topic in today's world. Teachers everyday are becoming more and more engrossed in technology. Technology is not only computers and ipads, but it is also the simpler concepts, like dry erase boards, calculators, and even notebooks. Technology is relative. It really depends how you think about it. To my grandparents cable TV is fairly new technology. Children have to understand their rights when they are online. Teachers need to go over rules and regulations and ways to stay safe on the computer.

Before students begin on technology they have to learn how to use it. Teachers need to have full coverage over the correct way to handle the technology. If a teacher is introducing an ipad into a classroom she should bring 1 in that she can use and go around to show the students. The teacher should not show facebook or twitter while experimenting, but educational games that the students could be engaged in.

There are many resources to use when demonstrating digital citizenship. A teacher can collaborate with other teachers and show ways that it can be implemented into a classroom. For example, 2 partnering teachers can use it from 2 different classrooms who are teaching the same lesson. the students can collaborate with each other.