The City of Chicago



The Chicago Cubs are the baseball team. The mascot is a cub! They were formed as a team less than a decade after the civil war (1874.)

Transportation and Traveling

Chicago citizens travel by cars, walking, boating, taxis, bus, trolleys, and biking. As you can see there are many ways to get around the city of Chicago. If you have ever been to Chicago you may know you walk more than taxis, buses, and other transportation. To get other transportation it cost money. For a trolley its about $10.00. That's not a lot of money but, your parents might not want to pay money if you can walk for free. My mom and I were debating about weather to walk or to take another way around. Once we figured out the prices I decided to walk.


Chicago is in the Midwestern region of the United States. Its southwest of lake Michigan. The absolute location is: 41 88'degrees north and 87 63' degrees west.

Physical and Human Characteristics The Navy Pier is just what it sounds like. It runs next to Lake Michigan. Its just a "mini" carnival. It has a few rides and tons of games. You can ride boats and segway. The Navy Pier is a human characteristic. A Physical characteristic is Lake Chicago. Chicago (millions of years ago) was siting on top of a board plain. It was covered in shallow yet warm seas. The evidence that this lake was here is that people found fossils and coral. Evidence was also found in the Niagara limestone bedrock.