El Greco

By: Rachel Desmond


  • Born in 1541 in Crete, Greece
  • He spent most of his time in Spain
  • At the age of 20 he trained as an apprentice with Titian in Venice Italy
  • He was very independent
  • His patrons were primarily learned churchmen
  • He was a painter
Three of his works are
  1. Portrait of a Man
  2. Vincenzo Anastagi
  3. View of Toledo

View of Toledo

  • the piece was created from 1596 to 1600

  • It can be found in the Metropolitan Museum of Art

  • He was not striving for precise representation

  • He used a swirling technique in his painting

  • I think this piece is interesting because my mom has been there and it is cool to see what see saw but through El Greco's eyes

  • Secularism because he painted it while looking at it and didn't need to remember the view

  • Naturalism because it is a landscape and he used oil paints

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