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"Twitter is probably the best way to share and learn available to us now."

Tom Whitby

co-creator of #edchat


Fisher's Landing Lab

Monday 06.06.16 4:00 pm

To connect with other educators in-district and beyond

RSVP to Bret.Biornstad@evergreenps.org

I will be there participating in an active chat while introducing you to this fantastic resource.

Tonight's Session: Personalized Learning Chat #plearnchat

Duration of a Twitterchat session is 1 hour. Feel free to participate as much as you can.

4:00 #plearnchat - Topic: Continuum of Motivation

Preview Questions: http://goo.gl/XA7W2z

What you need

  • A professional Twitter account (as opposed to a personal Twitter account) Here's a great blog post on how to do this. Click here ==> Twitter OR if you prefer an app to guide you http://crescerance.com/tweechme/
  • Your preferred note taking device
  • Want more? Here's a couple of videos with helpful websites: TWUBS Tweetchat
  • tchat.io is a simple Twitter interface