IDR Month In Review

Report for June 2012

Site Stats

Site visits have increased significantly for the month of June. The site was visited by 782 people for a total of 1,016 visits. These are the highest numbers ever for the site. Not only are these numbers great, the average time on the site is a little over 2 minutes, meaning people are engaged in the content on the site

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Traffic Source

The majority of our visitors visit your site from Google or LinkedIn. Google totaled 260 users and LinkedIn 290. These are the top 2 referrers to your site which is great and people who are coming from those two stay on your site for a good amount of time
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Facebook interaction has been on the rise through the month. The posts that have been getting the most interaction have been the pictures you have been posting from the different offices. These kinds of posts will drive traffic to Facebook and in turn drive traffic to the site. We are going to step up the efforts on Facebook, and make it a bigger source for traffic to your site