Music Room Beat

Meet Ms. Leah Richmond

It's very nice to meet you!

Hello there. My name is Leah Richmond. I am your child's new Elementary Music Teacher. I wanted to take a brief moment of your time to introduce myself to you and let you get to know me a little.

I am originally from the Chicagoland area in Illinois. However, I am familiar with the south as I have lived in Arkansas and Florida while pursuing my education. I must say that I am looking forward to sunny winters!

I was introduced to music when I was just an infant. My mom sang to me frequently and both of my parents played piano. They shared their love of music with my siblings and me and exposed us to many different types of music. There were always instruments available to play and we enjoyed singing together as a family.

I joined the band in fifth grade and was handed a trombone. I did not love my instrument at first. In fact, I didn't even like it. After hours of practice and hard work, I came to love my loud, brassy instrument. I carried it through high school marching bands, pep bands, jazz bands, concert bands and through college. From early in high school, I knew that I wanted to do something with music. I quickly settled on the idea of music education, as I wanted to share my passion with children. I earned my undergraduate degree from Florida College and I graduated in May of 2011 with a B.A. in Music with Trombone performance.

I furthered my education through the College of Education at Harding University. I graduated from Harding in December of 2013 with a teaching license and a Master of Arts in Teaching degree.

Upon graduation, I was put in touch with Dr. Moser, our Headmaster here at Mount Dora Bible, by one of my professors at Harding University. I am incredibly happy that I got such a wonderful opportunity to work here with the Bulldogs.

My desire is to share my love for music with your children and encourage them to develop their appreciation for this gift from God.

My Musical Objective

My goal as your students' music teacher is to provide your students with a positive learning experience and new knowledge about Music in a fun and creative environment.

It is my belief that anyone can be a musician. Your students have enormous potential musically and it is my goal to help them achieve that potential.

I plan to provide them with all the tools they will need to succeed in my classroom and that will allow them to grow musically.

I hope that we can work together to provide them with the encouragement they need to perform well in Music class.

Additionally, I want to establish a positive working relationship with you, the parents and/or guardians of my students. I truly believe that communication is key to establishing this positive relationship, and so I encourage you to ask any questions that you might have for me about my classroom and teaching philosophy. I hope to meet you all and get to know you better during the school year.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at any point. I have my phone number and email address listed below for your contact information. You may come visit me in person. (Please just call or email ahead, so I know to expect you and can arrange a time that works best with your schedule and mine)

Grading Procedures

Students in Music class are graded based on their behavior and participation. As a result, they receive grades of Satisfactory, Needs Improvement, or Unsatisfactory.

Students start with five points each day in Music. When a student acts out (ex. talking out of turn, not listening to instruction, etc.) in class, the student will be given two warnings. On the third time a student acts out, they will lose a point. Any additional misbehavior after the first two warnings and loss of the first point will result in losing another point. Losing all points in one day will result in a 0 for the day's behavior and participation grade.

However, students will have the opportunity to earn points back by correcting the behavior or going the extra mile to participate (asking questions, raising hand and answering questions, etc.).

At the end of the grading period, the students' point will be added up and graded based on a percentile ranking. The percentage and grade scale is listed below:

80-100% of points earned = Satisfactory

65-79% of points earned= Needs improvement

Less than 65% of points earned = Unsatisfactory

Music Productions and Parent Support

Music productions are most successful when teachers have the aid and support from parents. I hope we can work together to stage some productions this year. If you are interested in helping with decorations, costumes, and setting up stage designs, please contact me by phone or email and let me know of your interest so that I might add you to my production support crew list.

This list will allow me to email/text out notifications and newsletters to parents who are interested in helping with our school's Elementary Music productions.

I truly believe that with your parental support and aid, we can make this one of the best years for Mount Dora Bible's Elementary music program.