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Do you know what typhus is now? If that question is a yes, than you know where typhus is, and how bad it is to feel when u have typhus. Also have u ever wondered if u had typhus?

Be safe out there and don't get the typhus!

How do you treat typhus?

Doctors usally use antibiotics.But thats how all of how they can treat typhus.Another way is particularly the tetracyclines andchloramphenicol to treat typhus diseases. They also use specially prepared vaccines to prevent diseases. To control the spread of typhus, particularly during an epidemic, medical personel ofen uses inseticidels. They dust people and their clothing with these substances, which kill the insects that carry diseases.

What side affect does the typhus do to you?

The 1st family that had typhus was the Rickettsiales. Typhus can cause blood vessels, causes bleeding and skin rashes and more. This also causes to infect causing to spread to other people and or animal.This can also kill people and animals also. Sometimes even if you have typhus,you don't have any sores or rashes but u can have a lot of headaches,chills,fevers,and more that can make you feel sick. It is said that more soldiers die from typhus than being in combat in the Russia revolutionary period after WWI. Science estimate that about 25 of every 100 people infect during an epidemic die.
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What is typhus?

Have you ever wondered what typhus is? Typhus is a whole group of similar diseases. Likely caused my bacteria. The typhus disease mostly happens in Russia. They also have alot of viruses. Typhus can easily kill any humans easily. Typhus has alot of sideaffects and can be treated.

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