Fontaine Flier

January 13, 2014

Don't Miss the Meadow Lane Family Magic Night!

K-2 Date: Tuesday, January 14 from 6:30-8:00.

3-5 Date: Thursday, January 16 from 6:30-8:00.

Coming Up This Week...

Reading-We will be integrating science and reading! Since we are learning about rocks in science, we will be reading The Magic School Bus Inside the Earth. We will be learning about text features and how they help us read informational text. We will also be learning the best way to read an informational text: 1) preview the text 2) read the main text 3) read the extra information on the page.

Spelling-ow/ou sound

Writing-In Writer's Workshop this week, we will be working on showing, not telling in our writing, nouns, proper nouns, and pronouns.

Science-Geology Rocks is our theme for the next couple of weeks. We will be studying parts of the earth, volcanos, igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks. We will be making edible rocks this week and are in need of some supplies if anyone is willing to donate something, that would be great! (See donation list)

Math-In Topic 9, we are learning how to subtract with regrouping. This is a fairly long topic and one of the more difficult ones.

Donations Needed...

If anyone would be willing to donate any of the following, please let me know:

Starbursts (We need a total of 4 bags)

Graham crackers (1 box)

Chocolate chips (2 bags)

Butterscotch chips (2 bags)

Coconut (1 bag)

Chow mein noodles (4 containers)

Old magazines for our kids to look for text features

Thank you so much!!!!

Don't Forget to Send in Reading Calendars

Don't forget to send in reading calendars. You can send in the calendar or just send me the number of days in an e-mail. Every student that turns in a reading calendar, gets a coupon for a free Pizza Hut personal pan pizza!

Thank You So Much!!!!!!!!

Thank you again for your generous gift this Christmas. I was completely speechless. The snowman the kids created for me and the wreath full of gift cards was simply amazing. Thank you for all your kindness, support and generosity. I feel truly blessed.

Exciting News!

Thanks to Mrs. Morris, Kade's mom, we received a $995 grant from the Olathe Schools Foundation! We will be purchasing new technology for our classroom and will be collaborating with students from ONW on some amazing projects! Our first project starts Wednesday! We will be producing our own version of the video, Kindness Boomerang. The E-Comm students will be teaching us about storyboarding, using camera angles to help tell a story, how to use the new cameras, and video editing! I am so excited! Production is expected to wrap up by the end of next week so stay tuned!

Spelling List 16 ou/ow



















New Homework

We added a new component to the weekly homework. Each week students will have an integrated problem of the week to solve. This problem incorporates current events, reading, and mathematical problem solving. Each week there will be a challenge problem at the end of the homework. Although I would love for every student to attempt it, this one challenge problem is optional. Hopefully, the students will find this activity both interesting and challenging. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Specials Schedule






Genius Hour

We will be implementing a new program during our teacher-led computer time called Genius Hour. This program is based on the 20% Google principle. Here is a website that explains it if you are Our theme for our Genius Hour is: Do Something to Make the World Awesome! based on the video Kid President: Pep Talk.

Over the next couple of days, I asked my second graders to think about what they would like to work on during Genius Hour. This is a topic they are passionate about or something they would like to learn more about. Please feel free to help them think of a topic. We will begin these projects on Friday.

School Store is Tuesday! (tomorrow)