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Issue 2 - Learning Objectives

This week's issue focuses on getting your lessons started effectively by looking at different ways to frame and present your learning objectives. As always, top tips are shared from teachers in the Twitter network from across the world.

The 'SO THAT' of Learning

Senior education leader and author of 'Full On Learning', Zoe Elder describes how she has started thinking about the specific language that she uses to frame her learning objectives so that the reason for the lesson is overt and explicit from the outset.

Read Zoe's blog post 'Constructing learning SO THAT it is meaningful and Purposeful'.

Prefixes to Improve Learning Outcomes

Trainee PE teacher Ross Wickens tells us how he's been developing the effectiveness of his learning objectives by using specific prefixes to highlight the desired students' outcomes that he is expecting.

Read Ross's blog post 'Back to basics: Learning objectives in PhysEd'.

Be Creative in the Delivery of your Objectives

Originally started by David Didau, the following site is a crowdsourced collaboration from teachers around the world of ideas on how to creatively deliver your learning objectives.

51 Ways to introduce learning objectives

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