Darian Kane-Stolz

for Region 1S Vice President

Your Future's Sweet with Darian as VP

Fundraising Ideas

  • "DECA Swag" Sales - DECA T-shirts, hats, and sports bottles
  • Community Events - Movie Night, 5K, Benefit Concert
  • Local Business Sponsorship

Increase Region Awareness

  • Run Booths at Town Fairs - Pass Out Pamphlets and Rubber Bracelets
  • Increased Use of Social Media - Accounts on Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • Maintain and Update Website
  • Air DECA Segments on Local Radio Stations

Darian Kane-Stolz

  • VP of Competitions of my Chapter
  • Attended ICDC Twice
  • Achieved 1st in State Twice
  • Social Media Correspondent for DECA, Inc.
  • Dedicated to Improving Region 1S DECA!