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What bat should I use? And How Do I Use it

PONY League

In PONY league the bat you use can not be bigger than 2 & 3/4 inches. PONY league is part of PONY (Protect our Nation's Youth). The Pony League itself is a league with in the PONY system. The age group of Pony League is 13 and 14, but unlike Little League is not a combination of the two. You are in Pony League for two years and you play different communities based on where you live/where your team is.

How Use a Bat

The Rules of Baseball : How to Swing a Baseball Bat


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What Bat To Use

So my dad recently suggested that I get a bigger barreled bat, but I didn't want to claiming that my bat was good enough and was my lucky bat. He said that he would try to get some bats from a friend of his so I could try them out anyway. I said I guess I would try them out. So a week after he got them we tried them out, I started with an Easton bat that was a bigger barrel then the one I was currently using and hit okay with it. Then I tried out DeMarini bat that also had a bigger barrel, and hit very well. Then I used my own bat and hit only a little better than I did with the Easton bat and I was kind of disappointed but I realized that a bigger bat was what I should use. But it is all up to you and what your preferences are. But, a bigger barrel gives you a better chance to hit the ball...
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