Ha Long Bay



Ha Long Bay was established as a historic and cultural relict and national scenic spot on the 28th April 1962. Some people believe that Ha Long Bay was created by a family of dragons that were ordered by 'godto' to help the Vietnamese people fight off people invading their country. Legend has it that the dragons spat out jewels sending the invaders back to where they came from. People say that's what the islands and mountains are made from.


Tourist Attractions

One of the biggest tourist attraction would be all the cruises that go around the islands and rocks in Ha Long Bay. There are so many different boats that you can go on to get a closer look of this site. This would mean that Vietnam earns quite a bit of money from the bay.


This website provides suggestions on what to do when visiting Ha Long Bay and options to book cruises.


The bay is made up of large limestone rocks coming out of the Hon Gai sea. There is also a number of islands made of decayed mountains. There are 1,600 islands in total, and 1,000 of them have been named. These islands are both on land and in the water. The islands on the earth have been inhabited. Plants and trees grow on the majority of these islands. Survey results show that there is around 1,000 fish species in the bay.

In conclusion...

Ha Long Bay is a very interesting place to see with all its islands and caves. It is amazing that it has been there for so long. It is obviously quite sacred to the Vietnamese people and a big tourist attraction which would make a lot of money.

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