Martinique's culture


Gommiers are traditional fishing boats that are also used for racing. People come from all over to watch the beautiful brightly painted boats race.

Language in Martinique

In Martinique people speak french and creole which is a mixture of french African languages, Spanish, English, and Portuguese.

some common translations would be

oui/non - Ouai/han-han

chouette! - I bon!

D'accord - D'acco

Cest une bonne idee - Ce'an bon bagai

Je ne peux pas - Mwen pe pa

Ce ne me dit rien - sa pa ka di mwen ayen

pas question! - Awa!


Carnivals are a tradition in french speaking countries. There are colorful costumes and parades and dancing.

Music and Dance

Music and dance are an integral part of life in Martinique. This started with the African beats brought by the slaves and has remained ever since.