Tuesday Teacher Tips

Tuesday, Februrary 24, 2015 Power Lunch Aurasma Resources

In case you missed it!

Aurasma uses "Augmented Reality" technology to enhance things in the real world with digital content. You scan "Trigger Images" with the app to view overlays/auras. The first video will show you how it works.

Use Aurasma to make your hallways come alive. Create interactive displays, use it for book talks, create homework help videos and attach the videos to worksheets or homework descriptions, or create an entire school tour.

Organize your auras into channels so that you can easily share your content with your school community.

The videos below will walk you through how to get started with Aurasma.

How to Use Aurasma to View an Aura

How to Scan a Trigger Image using Aurasma

How to Create a Channel in Aurasma

Aurasma: Creating a Channel

How to Share a Channel

Aurasma: Sharing a private channel

How to Create an Aura

Aurasma: Creating an Aura