What's Goin' on?

By: Melanie Morales

What is Media?!

Media is the data and communication in ways through entertainment newspaper, television, radio and internet. Media broadcasts everything that is going on and the latest news. Media is how you keep up with everything that is going on in the world. For example, social networks like twitter, when people tweet about celebrities, and the hottest fashions. Facebook is another example, posting pictures of family events, and sharing their new statuses. Instagram is another social site as well, sharing photos on a mainstream, and plenty more. There is also vine which is an app to create 6 second videos, and you may not think that is a lot of time, but for some users who make the most of it will be able to share lots of new information. Those fun social sites are the way you keep up with people today. Media is everything in our world today, and it is all around. It is available to people of all ages from young to old. You are always surrounded by new information. It doesn't always have to be online media. There is also newspaper and television. My grandmother is an older lady and she doesn't go online, but that doesn't mean she is not up to date with media. She reads the daily newspaper all the time and knows about the same information I do. The television is also a form of media that all ages will see, showing the weekly weather, information on stocks, and the latest news of the community. In my opinion, Media is defined as a mass of communication. Media literacy is the ability to access, analyze, evaluate, and communicate information as a whole.


In the commercial for T-Mobile which aired during the 2014 Super bowl, communications to viewers that having no contract for your cell phone, you will be unlimited. T-Mobile promotes this product by showing that since Tim Tebow doesn’t have his NFL contract anymore he can do a lot more thing now with no contract. T-Mobile attempts to get viewers to see how much better life is with no contracts so that people will leave their phone companies and switch to T-Mobile. This commercial uses a funny, humorous tone which connects with people who have cell phones.


People boosted tony Romos head about being tough and it got to his head. He has said he is going to play on Sunday despite a broken finger. His teammates told him to take some time off. Romo feels like he has to show off in front of girlfriend Jessica Simpson. He was caught on tape telling Simpson what a tough guy he is. "A little broken finger can't keep me off the field, baby," he said. His family has said that this type of behavior goes back to his childhood. "Tony always wanted to be Superman.” He had an obsession with the super hero superman. Now, I guess he feels like he is Superman," said Romo's father. His teammates are secretively calling Romo crazy, "If it was me, I'd be sitting if I got a damn splinter. A broken finger? Shoot,” that would put me out for a month,' said a player who did not want to be identified. The Cowboys had a tough loss at Arizona last week need of a win this next game. That is the time when Superman appears on the scene, and Romo is looking forward to playing that part.

Gwinnett County

Gwinnett county schools recently just had a snow storm which caused student to miss a week of school. Every other county in Georgia does not have to make the school days up, but Gwinnett County has too. The school systems decided to add a whole hour to our school day every day. I feel like this should not be able to happen because how late middle schools would get out of school. They would be getting out five o clock. That means some students wouldn’t be getting home till five thirty or even six o clock.


Book Two- Love, Intimacy, and Big Brother

Are Julia and Winston really in Love?

Kind of,

What does Sexual promiscuity represent to Julia? Explain.

She’s more promiscuous. She says things like how she wants to hang out with Winston and likes to talk about her past experiences, and she notices things about him that other people don’t.

Why does Julia believe the State suppresses sexuality and real intimacy in relationships? Explain, using details from the novel.

She rethinks on how when she was 16 years old, how she once had a relationship with 60 different dudes at the same time, and by encountering that, the totalitarian state tries to say what love is, but she knows is not the same thing she experienced and enjoyed.


On September 11, 2001 one of the biggest events in history took place. There were four planes that were hijacked. . Two of the planes were flown into the towers of the World Trade Center in New York City, a third plane hit the Pentagon just outside Washington, D.C., and the fourth plane crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. This event was known as the “9/11”. Thousands of people were killed and injured. It was one of the saddest moments in history. They had to find out who would commit such a crime like this one. And why would they do it also? I could only imagine what the consequences would be. When the thought police find out they thought they were disloyal sneaky snakes. There punishment would be torture and probably end up be vaporized.


the purpose of rewriting this event on 9/11 was show the citizens are a threat to themselves.

Reflection on 1984 !

The book 1984 was interesting. Personally I didn’t enjoy this book. I’m a person that enjoys teenage drama real life books. Although this was a real life event that’s why it interested. If I was the author I’m not quite sure how I would end the book, I feel like it ended very calm, it had me wondering though, surprising way to end the book. I wish things would have ended differently more open and happy. I had a lot of questions in the end. Confused almost. I liked Orwell’s ways and how he puts stuff in his own perspective and very unique and creative. I feel like the book was appropriate criticism of government in the modern world, about the government on how they try to control everything. Also all the privacy and trying to spy on people. There’s not that much of that anymore.

how i felt about this class

This book was fun to me. A little confusing to me because the schoolgy. Like some things were very hard for me, but I ended up doing pretty good on everything. I found it very unique. We did not use any textbooks not once which I enjoyed so much. It’s not any ordinary language arts class. We learned about twitter, instagram, and all the social media websites. Things teenagers actually care about and catch is eye. When we learned things we always watched videos and that was a good thing for me because I’m a visual and audio learner. The videos always caught my eye because funny and I actually understood them. Schoology was a new thing and I loved because most things were at my own pace. I wish the grading system on schoolgy was more up to date, that’s all. I love that it has a calendar and everything you need for your assignments is on the website. I learned a lot from this class though believe it or not. I learned about how much h it matters when we write things on the internet and how anybody can see your stuff. The world is coming up with so many new ideas and new technology that we have so little say so on our privacy. So it’s very important that we watch what we say or post or anything we do really. Things that we post can follow us to our future, like for examples future jobs. In this class you have to take responsibility and do things on your own. It’s our choice to get the work done. Although there would be some stuff I would give advice for next year. I feel like when teaching be more specific and give more direction, like I said in the beginning I was confused and some moments. Over all I loved this class pretty easy if you pay attention, interesting and fun.