Abraham Lewent

Stalin Santiago US History

His TIme

Like other Jews, the Lewents were confined to the Warsaw ghetto. In 1942, as Abraham hid in a crawl space, the Germans seized his mother and sisters in a raid. They perished. He was deployed for forced labor nearby, but escaped to return to his father in the ghetto. In 1943, the two were deported to Majdanek, where Abraham's father died. Abraham later was sent to Skarzysko, Buchenwald, Schlieben, Bisingen, and Dachau. US troops liberated Abraham as the Germans evacuated prisoners.

Lessons Learned

As much as we think of life most people really can't appreciate what they have. This man has been through hell and he is a real hero for fighting for his liberty. For being able to do his best and more and i think he thought me to be more thankful of my life.