Solving Linear Equation

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Graphing may look hard but not really. First solve for y on both equations. Then look at the last number in the equation.(y=4x+3) then put that number on the graph. After you do that use the first number and up.( up 4) if your dot goes off you graph then go down. Now with the X go over one. then you the same process with your second equation.


Here are steps for solving substitution.

  1. Solve for y on one variable.
  2. Substitute the equation into the other. Put the solved equation in for y.
  3. Solve equation variable.
  4. Substitute the value into the original equation.
  5. Last write your x and y (x,y)
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  1. Write the systems like terms aligned. Make sure either your x or y has its opposite.
  2. Cross out the X or Y you made with the positive and the negative.
  3. Solve equation.
  4. Then take the number that you got and put it into one of the original equation.
  5. Then you have got (x,y). The one you crossed out will be your first answer.
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Most asked Questions.

  • Do you need to be a high school.
  • which one is the easiest.
Depends on the problem.
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