Canada 2035

“ Will Canada be the greatest country to live in 2035?”

Changing Population

Right now Canada's population is 35,540,400. Canada's population is slowly decreasing because of many people emigrating outside of Canada. Canada's economy is in crisis because of the skilled workers are leaving. They're in need of skilled workers so they can keep the economy stable. Now not much people are immigrating to Canada. Probably because they don't have enough money, they don't meet the requirements, or something is blocking their way. FNMI are coming to Canada. They're in large urban centers. They're also a large population. Right now Canada's population is slowly declining, but in the future it'll increase. People would want to immigrate to Canada for rights, freedom, jobs, healthcare and lifestyle. Maybe more FNMI people will come to Canada, but in the future they'll start to decrease.

Interactions In the Physical Enviroment

Canada`s climate is changing from good to bad. Canada is Emitting various substance to the atmosphere. They are burning fossil fuel, changing the land of forestry and agriculture. Because of our industrial revolution, climate change is increasing exponentially. The factors are latitude, ocean currents, wind and air masses, elevation, relief, and near water. Canada's land forms are Inuitian mountains, Hudson Bay lowlands, Interior plains, western cordillera, Canadian Shield, and the Great Lakes St.Lawerence lowlands. Canada's vegetation zones are tundra, Boreal and taiga, mixed deciduous forest, Cordillern vegetation, and the west coast forest. Climate change would most likely depend on the location it's on. Winter is cold and snowing, Summer is hot and dry, Spring is neutral, and Fall is cool and crisp. If we keep releasing GHG or any other substances that can harm the earth's atmosphere it might result in a dire situation. We might get unusual climate spike. Our weather will be quite different than we usually get. If that happens we can get global warming, if we keep global warming the seasons will change. They' ll be either late or early.

Managing Canada's Resources & Industries

Right now Canada's resources are decreasing because we're consuming too much renewable and non-renewable. Canada's sustainable use of resources are not managing very well. If they keep continuing like this the non- renewable resources will gone very fast. With world trade active Canada can export and import outside of Canada. Canada's top 3 trade partners are United States, China, United Kingdom. In the later future we will still have the same trade partners. For globalization can cause workers to migrate from their homelands in poorer countries to more developed countries to find work. Canada still continues to be connected and dependent on the rest of the rest of the world. In the past globalization has made companies lose their jobs. Now the present has only seen the good part of globalization. Many countries had faced the unstable, high demands, business opportunities, and making their products into commodities, leaving them with no power and under constant pressure by new competitors that weaken profits. I'd say that globalization will be good for the economy because it can make money very fast. It can also communicate with their trade partners very efficiently with their products and supplies. For Canada our most valuable resources might be water, agriculture, fossil fuel, and oil because it keeps us alive. If we can keep those resources alive and use them sustainably we could have it for a long period of time.

Liveable Communities

There are many issues with urban sprawl. The transportation use can cause many problems such as taking too long to get to work, far from home, traffic jams, and polluting the area. Farm lands and wildlife have been taken down also. They're risking precious greenland and environment. Taxes are increasing because there're too much people, health cost, and infrastructure needs such as building or construction use. Low density homes are also a problem. They're too far from work and services and growing farther away from cities. There are many ways to deal with urban sprawl. If you are moving, you can choose a home that is a minutes walk, bike, transit, from work, school or shopping. Doing that can reduce the problem of carbon dioxide. Stop being car dependent and be efficient. Try going to a city and do urban agriculture. Not only it's a helping hand, it can also help strengthen the community. Separate trash and recyclable items that can be re-use. A project that can make carbon dioxide and sunlight as food for algae. You convert the algae into a dark green substance called pesto. It can be used as fuel for power plants.

In conclusion, these are the major things to make Canada in the future the best country to live in. If we can do that then Canada's future is secured. This information is important because it tells you what's happening to Canada. It also tells you the solutions that can help prevent from Canada to degrading into a poor or third world countries. This info can improve Canada's lifestyle and environment.
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