Are you a Good Digital Citizen?

Digital Learning Day

Digital Citizenship??

To celebrate Digital Learning Day we are going to explore Good Digital Citizenship. What is that? It is knowing how to behave appropriately when you are online!
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You are the Boss at ACME Enterprises.
As part of interviewing and hiring employees you use Facebook and other social media sites to find out more about them

Two People are interviewed by you for a job. Who will you pick and why?


Seems to have the best qualifications and has good references.

When you check his Facebook page and other social media sites you see a lot of pictures him behaving inappropriately.

You also see comments he has written that are negative about other people, with a lot of swear words. You even notice one bad comment about a previous boss.


Her qualifications on paper are not quite as good. She also has good references.

Her Facebook search seems to show that she is involved in her community and has a range of positive relationships with others. She has a couple of swear words written in her comments

WHO WOULD YOU CHOOSE AND WHY?? Share your answer with your class!


1. If an employer were to look at your Social Media what would they think?

2. Are there Websites other than Facebook that you should be careful what you post?